Why? Or how?

You know, they say when you’re constantly thinking of someone it’s in part bc they’re thinking of you. Not sure why? Or how you do? Given your current setup…do you think of me? If so, is it often.

I often think of you and have many dreams with you but I’m not sure what they mean.

I would love some clarity.

I hope to hear from you when I’m right and ready to do so.

Vagabond heart

It wasn’t easy giving into my feelings, I admit I fought hard with every fibre and sinew to resist the lure of your words and the allure of your charms. I fell, I fell hard because I knew I had fallen in love with you. I knew I wanted you, all of you. The perfections, the flaws I wanted it all. My dreams and longings were filled with together, forever; I fell deep into the happy ever after story. That’s why it hurt so much when after all we had been through you suddenly gave up. You found new ways to destroy all we had and you wielded them like a warrior wields his weapons, I became the victim of trust. The trust that allowed me to place my heart in your hands but you refused to see, to even care about all you were throwing away. I wish the world could see you now for who you are and the way you made me feel, me who shared just about everything with you in this one sided love affair. I wasted my time I guess they would say, strange though it doesn’t seem that way to me because I’ve seen the inside of your heart and there is still a part of me that will always yearn for what we shared.

I see only a shadow of who I once was. I see no reflection in the mirror; I can’t speak the words that betray my pain. Each day feels like an endless highway as I walk its crooked trail. Where are you when the sun goes down? Where are you when blue skies turn to autumn gray. Seems like only yesterday we were laughing like a couple of kids but just look how soon you changed.

Nothing stands still and so now I find myself with no fight left in me, it hurts still; yet I accept you are gone. The broken in me finally understands that your words were just a means. I filled some invisible void and now you no longer need me I am relegated to just someone you once knew. Time will force us further apart and on the final crossroads we will depart and never meet again. Still every once in a while my soul feels restless and my thoughts turn towards you. In solitude I spend the time missing you, remembering you, dreaming of you.



Dear sis,
You have been a constant in my life from my very first breath. For reasons unknown to me, that has made me n your life, hard. And confusing. Mom says you’re jealous. You always have, been. I know your rules. You know that I know then. I also know your consequences. I am not supposed to have or be in any way better than you, when you judge it. You judge it. And I know how you judge it. Mom thinks I’m winning, in your eyes. I have what you don’t but what you want. It’s to the forefront right now. I see your codependency and to me it is a way to have control. Your rules for, me: no friends. Only you. Something to be causing me pain, such as a daughter on another coast. Your girl(s) seeing me in the way that you do. You are to be the first choice. Don’t choose Mel. One, sister is all ther is room for. Consequences: CUT OUT. Readjustment. Oh this is how it is. I am weary of this. I’ve worked hard to have a relationship with you. I need to step back right. Now. And ow. Because yes it hurts. But it was awfully nice for people to like us. Happy we were there. Not in the way. Not taking up too much air. Or space. Or love. Scarcity sucks and was what you knew because it WAS actually scarce. But 59myears is enough time to have spent apologizing for having come along and, caused, scarcity. You knew it. So instead of dealing with it you work to control it. And me. But it’s done. I’m too, tired. I love you. You are my sister. But energy needs to, flow. Other ways other directions.

Keri – KDS not KDO

Dear Keri (insert birth name here) KDS not KDO,

This is the last letter I will post on this site. It was intended as a private journal. My cowardice was an enormous error and I should have signed my own name instead of <3 K and taken responsibility for what I publicly posted instead of allowing others the credit. In hindsight, I should have wrote in a journal with a lock and key to keep my ex-husband and children out of my thoughts. I should have never put my facebook status as public. It has reverted back to private now and my pinterest boards are locked now, too. Incrementally, I am trying to share bits and pieces of my soul through my writing. That’s the part of myself I identify as an artist, a part that creates and spins words with a flourish. I need to find somewhere to write because I need an outlet for my emotions.

In lieu of past mistakes, I am on several dating websites in
hopes of finding a male lifetime mate. I will be posting on there for responses and photos attached. I will be purchasing a webcam. The video chats will help with identification and verification, add a layer of security to the nervous fragility that is online dating.

I have bonded with a few females, but not in a sexual nature. They felt like soulmates, but I need a male soulmate to date and someday marry. I feel like I was made to love and to be loved and its another piece of myself that is held back because I have not been allowed to love to someone the way that I need to love a man, whole-heartedly and bodily. I need to be loved the
same way in return. We don’t all love the same and not everyone experiences love in the same manner. Yes, I bond emotionally AND physically.

I am slowly freeing myself of the ties that bind and am making myself a priority. That means I am dieting and am reducing the carbs and
overabundance of chocolate. I am exercising at the gym by lifting weights and shaping my body the way that I want it to be shaped. Being slim
and fit is a realistic goal. It is another challenge and another uphill battle.

<3 Keri KDS