Sending You Away is Killing Me

I dream about you, not that you’d ever know.
And not just at night, but all throughout the day.
I think about us and how we helped each other grow
I mull over everything I was too scared to say.
I always loved you, not that you’d ever care.
Not as a lover, but as the sun is to the earth
You were my saviour who filled my lungs with air,
And led me to the river when I was dying of thirst.
I miss your laughter as it wrapped around my heart
And pulled me away from my self-created hell
I miss your passion – that illuminating spark
Which showed the path to travel from the shadows where I dwelled.
I miss you wholly, in every imaginable way
But in my folly, I, the Earth, banished the Sun
And enclosed myself in darkness to eternally decay,
Awaiting a dawn that I know will never come.


One thought on “Sending You Away is Killing Me”

  1. With every gesture I turn towards you but all you do is sink me in a pool of tears. I would do anything for you yet you turn me away every opportunity. Why can’t you see that with time we could be so much more, instead we are stuck in a rut of hide and seek.

    How I continue to cry out for you but it feels like love has forsaken me and I can’t be free. I am stuck in a cycle like a ghost unable to break free from my pain. Yet with each passing day I feel myself drift further away and you will see that time is not a friend to those who hesitate.

    How broken do I feel? If every tree shed it leaves, if we were stuck in an endless night and every sea turned to sand. That’s how broken I feel.

    And still I can’t be free from you, my heart won’t allow me to.

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