I know better to contact you directly, so I leave this here. I hope you’re doing well, smiling more and happier. You’re free from the toxicity and I’m okay knowing you are better off. I’d say sorry but I know my words have lost all meaning to you. Don’t worry I won’t make this a habit leaving you messages this has been the only time I’ve written something related to you besides my last email. This will be my last time. Be at peace, live life, smile more and enjoy a happier life. Don’t look back the past is there for a reason, what’s done is done.

7 thoughts on “Stranger”

  1. How can someone be at peace without closure?

    Maybe you should aim for direct contact – I for
    instance never received a “last email”.

    Then again, maybe I am just another stranger
    in a digital void.

  2. Hey Stranger,
    If only I thought this was for me. I’d go ahead and send that email. You never know what could happen. If this pandemic and the current state of the nation has taught us, is to go for it. You don’t know when you’ll get the chance to connect.

    1. That’s exactly why you should send that email or get in direct contact…
      You never know and time’s a wast in’
      Maybe this was for you 😉

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