things can be easy.
we can live fast in the slow lane
things can be so, so easy
not complex, but happy and plain

you and i, me and you
against all obstacles, we’ll do what we gotta do

just listen and follow my voice
i’ll show you what you need,
you’ll always have a choice
but i’ll show you how to succeed
simple steps in the right direction
but i’m not always going to lead
you gotta show me some affection

i need to be loved in the right way,
not this “you vs me” type way
it’s us, together,
change your mentality
so no matter the situation,
we won’t weather
this isn’t just a fallacy
something that doesn’t exist
it’s real, true and deep,
something most people miss.

it comes down to the little things,
i keep saying that, I know
lil notes, random hugs,
at the end of every day,
love is what you need to show.

fuck the technicalities,
fuck the toxic behavior,
i want this shit for real,
growth is mandatory,
from both sides of the hanger

you hold me up,
and i’ll hold you down
when we come up,
we ‘ll see who is still around
cause if i got you,
and you got me,
it ain’t nothing else in this world i’m gon need.

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