Longing for some affection

I am 17 years old and i feel like i haven’t experienced life at its fullest yet.
I don’t know the feeling of another human being , loving me that much that i actually return it.
I don’t have the career i’m seeking right now and i’m stressed that i won’t make it sooner than i planned to.
I know i am the problem , but i wish someone knew that and still decided that i was worth staying around for and help me fix myself.
I just want to be appreciated and validated.
This life was just a failed experiment i guess.

One thought on “Longing for some affection”

  1. Hey, 17 year olds person. I totally feel you. I was 17 too once and I tell you now not to worry about it too much. Worry more about your studies. You are still too young. I’ve known people that have not blossomed until their mid-20s and that is totally okay. It is totally fine to feel like you do, you are still young and you will find a person. Trust me. And do not waste your life doing drugs. Never do drugs no matter how cool you/your friends think it is. It is no fun. I am 40 and all I did was waste my youth doing drugs. Please do not make the same mistake I did. I recommend looking into coding or something computer related, that is one job that is not going away soon. Look into it. You could start by looking at youtube videos and if you search, there are a lot of courses for free to get you started. It won’t give you a diploma but it will be a headstart! Use this tine and your youth wisely. The one person you should really care about is yourself. Work on yourself. Study, make something of your life for yourself. Always love yourself! Start what I never started now and you will be succesful! I will be going to college soon once this is all over and that is the only thing I will be worrying about, my education. It is never too late to make something with it. You are still young, go for it. I send you much love in these difficult times. Hope you are doing well.

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