I remember him

I remember him
I remember him from my dreams
Always standing far from me
But with me
A presence so quiet and yet so constant
Always wearing a white shirt
Never saying anything
And I rememberhim abandoning me
Angry at me because I chose a certain path
A year later he came back again
This time he was closer to me
Talked to me
Asked me if he could buy something for me
We sat
We sat together by the pier
I remember not where it was
But I remember him from my dreams
His presence sometimes haunts me in real life
I see glimpses of him sometimes
Always at the back of my mind
Always in my subconscious
And I ask myself if I am going insane
Or is it just wishful thinking on my part
Wishful because I long for him
Wishful because I long for love
Are you my guardian angel?
Are you my spirit guide?
Are you my divine right life partner?
Who are you the man in my dreams?

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