What’s in a name?

I want to believe it was love we had, but I’m not so sure. Years change, but there’s still romanticism. It’s funny how clouded I was and we were. Why does looking back make it seem better than it was?

One thought on “What’s in a name?”

  1. I never wanted those days to end, I wanted forever to be close with you but the

    “treat them mean keep them keen” MO, Never really worked for me .

    I know now you never ever intended to hurt me but it was never a satisfying experience for me. Once the slow and two worded responses started.. I had to put distance between us in self preservation because I never wanted us to fade out but it seemed you did.

    The huge gaps in communication taught me how to live without you.

    I know it takes two so I’m not passing any blame for why things are like they are now. I had unrealistic expectations, I wanted more than you could give and that’s on me.

    But if I could go back and do it all again, I would … just to feel the high of it all.
    That was once in a lifetime and I’m happy to have felt that with you.

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