If someone doesn’t know, that’s all you need to know.
If they send mixed messages, take it as a “no” and get away asap.
Stop disrespecting yourselves! Stop letting other people do these things, and start let them live with the consequences.
You’re so much more than THAT.
Stop feeding fantasies and believing in lies.
You know deep down what’s going on the second you start to doubt it.
If the way this person treats you needs to change for you to feel at peace, that’s a sign for you to peace out.

One thought on “Shortcut”

  1. I agree. Sadly, I was blind and mistakenly did this to someone I loved. Too wrapped up in my bs. I overlooked all the care and love that was given to me and accused this person of terrible untrue things. Things that I would have been insulted. I was so dumb, so insecure, so immature. It wasn’t until this person left, and 13 weeks of a support group until I understood what I even did. I’ve never felt more horrible. I can’t believe I would ever do that to anyone. Embarrassed and not even able to apologize. This person was so strong and so good that he won’t speak to me. I don’t blame him. I just regret it. I am so grateful for the lesson but so sad that’s what it took for me to learn. I can’t believe I hurt someone I cared and loved so much. I can’t believe I was so stupid. Thank you for sharing. Do know that some people come from abusive relationships and don’t understand or don’t know better.

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