Trying (One More Day Pt. 2)

So I have posted last April 20 a letter to the love of my life entitled “One More Day” and I have been doing better (I hope) since then. So let me share a piece of what I have been through

Trying (One More Day Pt. 2)

I have been asking for the impossible
That is to have one more day with you
To relive the love we have lost
Maybe I’m the only one who wants it now

You are happy with her
And I want to be happy for you too
I want to be able to smile when I see pictures
Instead of my stomach turning at the sight of it

We ended two years ago
And I should be okay with that now
So much time has passed
That being in this phase feels selfish

I want to be able to let go of your hand
Without wanting to hold it again
I hope I can let you go
Along with hoping it’s still us in the end

I have been trying
One day I hope I can say I did it
But until then, I just have to keep loving you
And missing you until I don’t anymore

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