The missing connecting dots

I love him
I know he loves me too
I know we have some kind of deep connection
Something that connects us on a much deeper level than we can ever imagine
I see it
I feel it
And I know he feels it too
But I don’t understand why he can’t see everything for what it is and that it’s not just his imagination
How often do we get to meet our divine right life partners?
How often do we get to meet another person and know for sure that you are connected and are also there in each other’s lives to love and heal each other?
Why do we constantly sacrifice what is right for what is wrong?
How many times do we have to cheat ourselves out of the blessed good that God has blessed us with?
I guess the most bothersome question I ask myself is, when is he going to wake up to this connection?
How long should I wait?
It’s one thing to move on but it’s also one thing to convince your inner psyche and heart to do that
I love him
And I know he loves me too
He knows there is something missing
But I do believe if he had to let himself see and admit to his true feelings, he would know what the missing dots are
The dots that he is busy trying to connect
The missings dots are us

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