I just want you to save me

I feel like a flower wilting away
Slowly dieng
Petals slowly falling off, one by one by one
I know that there is a lot at stake
I know there are a lot of sacrifices that need to be made
Especially for you
I know you may be stuck in your own mind
I know you don’t want any part of hurt
I know you don’t want to lose face
But can you just focus on me
Truly focus on me
See in and through me
The soul that makes your soul whole
The soul that makes your soul heal
Don’t we deserve that
Looking at you hurts
Even far I see in and through you
I feel your vulnerability peek out at times
You may not think anyones sees
But I see
And even as I see, it hurts
It hurts to see you hurt, incomplete
All I want is you
All I want is to love you
I am not like the other women
I am not into games that people play
I think I have been patient enough waiting for you
I just want you to save me
I need to feel complete because I finally found a missing piece of my soul in you
Can we please at least try
I want to fall like the leaves in Fall season
Fall with you and never get back up
I want to love you with all my being
Without any walls
Without any boundaries

From the one your soul aches for too

One thought on “I just want you to save me”

  1. Another beautiful letter. Please send this to your person. Makes my heart flutter. Your person would be excited to read this. Good luck.

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