9 thoughts on “I wish”

    1. True. We do not know each other. I hope our person would contact soon. I miss her alot. It has been a year now. I don’t intend to contact first and leave it up to her this time. I hope she misses me as well..

      1. .. about a year since I directly contacted him, on and off little hints but
        nothing. Late 2018 since his last words to me. By now I’m not even sure I could reach him if I wanted to. I guess he is content or he would reach out to me.

        What a silly game to play you first, I first, if you miss her, why not reach out? I did try even though I shouldn’t have, because I care and miss him. Maybe you’re not sure if you want her in your life again?

        We all have our own stories and reasons.
        I wish you all the best either way and that happiness may be in all your days & nights 😘

  1. From the fragments of a beautiful wish I have a dream.
    The twinkling of the stars as they call out to the wind,
    I wish it could be that way now.
    I wish to heal my weary heart in your shade.
    My eyes follow the light.
    Running without hesitation towards you.
    My beating heart breathes a sigh.
    I can’t see anyone but you.

    1. The one solace of heartbreak lies in the enduring ability of the human spirit to muster the words that echo sentiments that probe deep into the writer/speakers psyche.

      Even after years, the shadow doesn’t fade; so I learn to dance the night away in the moonlight
      and so residing in this nightmare, robbed of my wings, I whisper a prayer for light, even if it’s faint.

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