Decided to Look You Up…

I have been thinking a lot about you lately. So I decided to look you up and see how you were doing. Found out what city you reside in and that you now have three children. Congratulations Dad! What blessings you have. Truly happy that you have gotten then the things you talked about during the last time we connected.

When I found out all of that information, I honestly couldn’t believe what I was reading. I know the truth and where you stand. That tells me, it’s time to move on Ashley. This is somebody you have loved for 15 years. It’s clear that it was not meant for you and will not return to you. I guess I have been holding on to the hope that just one day. May be one day. We would be together if things didn’t workout with you current life. I acknowledge that it was selfish of me to both feel and think that way.

Lastly, before I go. Thank you for allowing me to find love even though I wasn’t able to continue having it with you. Thank you for waking me up from the bullshit relationship that I have still failed to remove myself from. I am hoping to build the strength to eventually walk away. Thank you for teaching me to value myself. You have no idea how much you helped me during the short time we connected six years ago. I will always be grateful to my first true love.

Praying that the rest of your life is as an incredible journey filled with an abundance of blessings, happiness, good health, love, and success.

With love,

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