8 thoughts on “I don’t know about you”

    1. In which case I will safely wager we are each talking to the wrong person.

      Were you the right person then you miss me as much as you miss a hole in your head.

      1. If the person in your heart is worth it, you’d try to find out – Stranger things happen/ed.

  1. us –

    it was you who came back to me
    yes, all along I’ve been missing you

    no, no I wasn’t and will never run after you

    Thing is
    ..if it means enough you’d pull through
    and if you don’t
    it would never last

    Something I won’t do for you
    simply because I wouldn’t
    find myself ever again if I’d lose you

    Ahhh, you were so close
    or just so full of shit?

    What get’s me
    what really does
    ..why did you disappear like you did?

    No word
    .. just gone

    1 second your profession of love
    .. next day

    I think I could get over a breakup
    over a fight
    over pretty much anything
    but you just left me with
    .. nothing but the question why

    & the battle of inner feelings still alive

    Did I mean so little
    that I didn’t even deserve
    a simple goodbye?

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