3 thoughts on “Life is too short to not believe the lies other people tell you.”

  1. I don’t know and can’t really follow ..
    If you know they’re lies, why would you believe them?
    Are you trying to avoid something?

    1. What I meant by this is if somebody is going to go to the trouble of lying to me, I assume that they have a good reason and choose to believe whatever they’re saying. Because their lies usually don’t affect me anyway; and, it’s much easier than wasting my time, my thoughts, on “believing” in their deception. I have better things to do, more important things to think about, and loved ones with a greater deservingness which is rooted in inner and outer genuineness.

      I don’t expect anyone to be truthful 100% of the time. That is impossible. I prefer my little lies so white that I can’t see them anyway. This rhetoric is reserved for the big lies; the lies that can infect the entire foundation of a relationship because they’ve been going on for so long that any sense of value that ever came from knowing that person could be lost if you wasted your time believing something bad about them. I’d rather that they passed through me, and that I chose to remember them for their kindness, their graciousness, and whatever else was good about them. Because in the end, they aren’t lying to spare me from anything. They’re doing it for themselves, and their reasons for that aren’t any of my business anyway.

  2. Interesting point of view, one I share for the most part. Yet, I’ve learned in life that the obvious is sometimes not at all and what I disregarded, in similar fashion as you described, as lies – were no lies at all.
    Hence I became rather direct, some may say too direct in communicating. Asking questions instead assuming to know the answer. Definitely never ever believe anything second hand since there are usually variables at play.
    Im sure you have some particulars in mind so I am simply giving my 2 crummy cents in general terms .. or maybe having my own particulars in mind 😊

    Thanks for your reply and best wishes along your journey to you.

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