How could you?

We were so close
on your choosing
.. while I tried so hard to hold back
you wanted to go there
pushed for it
dreamed of it

us – together

it was you who came back to me
yes, all along I’ve been missing you

no, no I wasn’t and will never run after you

Thing is
..if it means enough you’d pull through
and if you don’t
it would never last

Something I won’t do for you
simply because I wouldn’t
find myself ever again if I’d lose you

Ahhh, you were so close
or just so full of shit?

I don’t know what to think anymore
.. so I just don’t try to find answers
that I can’t answer myself anywho

I am doing well
my life is really getting a push forward
it has been little by little
Steady pace and never fast enough for me

Now I am almost in my comfort zone
yet, not really
because I have never been it’s a bit different
it’s Content
* I disliked Content because
it’s not enough, never enough but
after everything*
..I take it

ahhh and not
in Moments I profoundly enjoy my
utter freedom
I pretty much do what I want
.. don’t have to answer to nobody
*besides work and even that is
..mmm doable

What get’s me
what really does
..why did you disappear like you did?

No word
.. just gone

1 second your profession of love
.. next day

I think I could get over a breakup
over a fight
over pretty much anything
but you just left me with
.. nothing but the question why

& the battle of inner feelings still alive

Did I mean so little
that I didn’t even deserve
a simple goodbye?

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