I don’t know if I love you anymore. If I had know things more clearly I wouldn’t have left to be with you. I know you do everything for me but I can’t get over the fact you betrayed me. You keep in touch with ex girlfriends. One in which kissed you and told you in messenger she misses you. Would she stay if she knew all you do is game-drink-smoke. On top sex every two weeks cause you’re too messed up. You don’t ever want to move. Traveling is not your thing nor is going out on dates. I thought it was me but like you said you went out only when you had to or felt obligated. I feel less of a person. I was introduced to another female as someone that lives with you after ten years. The fact your father was there when you hung out with the ex that kissed you…hurts my heart. Apparently I am not that important. I changed my life to be with you. I feel I’ve wasted my time. After ten years and promises of marriage I’m losing hope. I’m not your mother. I thought I was your future. I feel like I’m at the bottom of you list. You have written poems and songs for ex girlfriends you’ve told me about but couldn’t even get me a card for Valentine’s Day. You are so comfortable in the fact I’ll take care of you and you can relax. Cake and Ice Cream. How is going to be when I start working more? My options are open now. If ex girlfriends are a thing and we are not at least engaged we are roommates. I now just owe you money. I’ll give us two more years. After that I’m walking away. I know my worth. I would never do anything to hurt you. You on the other hand think I’m ridiculous. Why? Because I’m hurt knowing you tell other ex girlfriends our issues-you hang out with them-call them and message them out of the blue. Find someone else that will put up with that. Maybe it’s my fault. I give to much of myself. Maybe I am a joke. I hope you know I had other prospects but I choose to be with you. Don’t worry I want tag you in anything best to keep your social apps looking like your single. Here’s to another two years…

One thought on “Hurt”

  1. Why are giving this excuse for a man, another two years of your life?
    Make a plan and leave him to his own shitefest.
    Even his own father is doing the ‘bro code’ – you will never come out first with these dudes.
    In two years you could have a job, a cute apartment for yourself, a little kitty cat and have everything lovely and clean, just the way you want it- if you start now. Instead, if you give this man more time – he will wear your confidence and self esteem down and you could fall into depression. Use this spurt of anger to get away from him. God Speed. xo There is someone in the universe who thinks you’re worth it and is worried for you. Remember that.

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