August 29, 2010

10th of December was
9 days before I left, and there were
8 thousand words I should have been writing at
7 pm that night because I had
6 papers due but you needed a prop girl
5 minutes before the show and be
4 I knew it I was that girl and
3 drinks later I was way too drunk
2 walk myself home and you were the nice
1 who made sure I was okay and my heart went from
0 to 60 everytime you smiled at me.
1 week later at
2 in the morning, you walked me home again, and
3rd times the charm, I asked you to stay
4 the night because it was barely
5 degrees outside and I was falling for you out of
6 billion people in the world, despite only knowing you for
7 days. And now
8 months later, and
90 days since I told you I loved you, I thank god for the
10 days I had with you in December.

2 thoughts on “Countdown”

  1. Is this real? Are lins really back? I tried to submit the letter just to check it out but won’t let me. The email address doesn’t work as well. Is this a trap or you guys still working on reviving the site?

  2. Yes, we’re back. Slowly and surely. Thanks for checking on the submissions. There was a missing piece that I’ve since corrected. And please submit at your leisure. It may take a while to build it back up again, and I’m going to try and collect letters from the Wayback machine, but it’s going to take time. 🙂

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