Twisted Love Choices so dang confused rite involved with a man that ive been with for almost four years..very sweet but just doesnt have the qualities im lookn for..i bet ur sayin then why have i been with him for so long..its because its most def a one in a million guy..he is very honest, supportive, loyal and very cute and man is he great in bed but he can be a little to sensitive at times..i tend to like hard core guys for some reason..the negatives are that he is six years older than me and already have two kids, no education, and no car.. rite now im caught in between a rock and a hard spot..i still got love for my ex..i was with him for almost 5 years and we still talk til today as friends which makes it 11 years..he has no kids, and good job, tall, sexy, but not that good in bed..he recently was released from prison for drug charges but he got out and got a job with the quickness..i still love him for some..maybe its his thugness and is that were my heart have been all along..he still wants me and have been waiting on me even though he knows i have a man and he have friend girls from time to man wants me to marry him but for some reason my heart doesnt want me to..should i follow my mind that is saying yes go head what are u waiting on or my heart that is saying no dont do will be the biggest mistake of your life..i just wish i could turn back the hands of time..i wouldnt change much about my choices but the have made better career choices and stayed on my ex way harder than i was..maybe we would of still been together bc he wouldnt of went to just so confused rite now..

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