i want it soooo bad…

its been almost 8 freakn month since i had sex..im doing this because i have finally decided to change my life around..my man have been sticking it out with me at least i hope so but he keeps having wet dreams so thats a good sign..im doing this till i make my mind up about marrying him..sigh..im bout to just hop on him now and go to town on that rod..man do it be good and i sure do miss it..big juicy fat long hard one..i love the taste of it to..i know ur saying what da but these are my thoughts..i would rather put them on paper than to be actually fornicating..my life is good because i have my father in heaven over it..but he made some rules that we all need to follow and im trying my best to do so..right now im shacking which is a big no no..hopefully me and him work things out becuase its either i marry him or he got to get da heck up out of here..cant keep living in sin.

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