How many times can I throw up in my mouth? Let’s count the times…

A, I’m so over you thinking you’re superior to me just because D ”picked” you over me. Let’s get one thing straight right now; I had D for two years. Not once but TWICE did he come begging for me to take him back. After I rejected him numerous times, that’s when he moved onto you. You inherited my sloppy seconds simply for the fact that you can’t keep your legs closed (obviously seeing how you ended up with 4 kids by 3 different dads by the age of 21). I honestly hope you are happy with your welfare, white trash life. You will amount to nothing and it makes me giddy with anticipation. So please, put your saggy boobs away and stop making out with D every chance you get. It makes me want to throw up. And I’m happier with T than I ever was with D.

p.s-D has a small “package” anyways. He’s all yours.

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