• a letter to anyone

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    This is for all the missed opportunities and soiled evenings, when something was expected to go a certain direction and it decided it would slap you in the face.

    I’ve never been so lonely in my life on account of recent events, heart broken and sad, I’ve gained a clearer perspective on life, or at the very least a broader perspective. Music sounds different and things affect me differently.

    At a certain point I wanted to run as far as i could, at another I wanted to fight everything I saw. I listened to advice from different people, I’ve decided I’m tired of listening to advice.

    to all the people who are uncertain, who are heart broken and want to die or run away. Life doesn’t come with instructions. My experiences taught me that I’m dumb and that it’s ok that I am. My heart is broken, I feel lonely and destitute and I wouldn’t want anything more than for someone to come into my room right now and to hug me and kiss me and tell me they love me, but that’s not gonna happen.

    learn to forgive people who have heart you, girlfriends who kissed someone cause they were drunk; forgive them. Families members who have disappointed you; forgive them, and learn to love
    one day me, and everyone who tries and is honest and true, will hopefully fall in love. You can be beautiful on the inside.

    Letting Go

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    Maybe its your hair, maybe your eyes.
    Maybe its your laugh, or your contagious smile.
    Even when your sad, you shine so bright.
    And the butterflies you give me, feel so right.
    I tell you I’m fine, I tell every one else.
    Sometimes I even try to convince myself…
    I love you in every way possible, and more.
    And every time someone knocks, I hope its you at the door.
    It kills me to know that you probably don’t care.
    It brings me more sadness then my heart can bare.
    You told me you loved me, so now why did you go?
    You were were a really great actor, you put on quite a show.
    I know that true love is wanting whats best for you.
    Maybe I’m not a part of this, but please tell me the truth.
    Because the ugly truth is worth more than the best dressed lie.
    And a relationship should not be based on how many times a girl cries.
    Now my heart hurts, and its all becuase of you.
    But I would much rather take this heart ache, than the thought of someone else loving you.
    So I’ll stay up late, writing songs about you and me.
    I will stay up and wonder, what could we have been?
    Your memories may fade, but I still linger on that night.
    I just cant let go, and please trust me, I’ve tried.
    And, well, I really hate the sound goodbye makes.
    But I guess sometimes, goodbye is all it really takes.


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    I wish I could tell you how last night was the best night of my whole life so far. After prom we met up for a 3a.m. meal and then we were on the beach alone together for a couple hours. I loved every second of it. We kissed and we talked and I wish I could just be stuck in that moment forever. I’m falling in love with you. I can feel it with every minute that goes by. You are absolutely amazing. I want to spend every day of my life with you. You told me I scare you and you told me it’s hard not to fall for me. I’m sorry I will hurt you. I’m sorry i’m going to break your heart. I’m sorry for everything that’s going to happen. Just know, that I will always love you, and if I didn’t have to leave you I wouldn’t.

    Sincerely, A.M.


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    To the woman who is reading this:

    If you are young, teenaged, middle-aged, elderly, wrinkled, freckled, light-skinned, dark-skinned, tall, short, curvy, petite…whatever….just know that the unique combination of those types of words is exactly what you are….UNIQUE.

    Dear, you are BEAUTIFUL! I am amazed by you even though I have never met you. You have such a great smile, a light in your eyes, and a personality that is like an original work of art- it might try to be replicated, but it can never be the same. Media is WRONG; you are a well-made, strong, intelligent, lovely woman. Don’t forget that!

    Remember that looks will fade and that people are not perfect; there is no such thing as “perfect beauty”, so don’t let anyone or anything tell you that you must be this, that, or the other to be considered beautiful and desirable. YOU ARE! Stop being so critical! You are fine the way that God made you, and someday, someone else will believe you are the mostly exquisitely crafted person put on this planet.

    People that say mean or negative things are insecure of themselves and are threatened by your beauty….because girl you’ve got it! You are a MASTERPIECE! Tell yourself that each day. When you get ready to leave for school/work/wherever, look at yourself in the mirror and compliment yourself, buy pretty panties (they make a difference), feel sexy because you are sexy, do something for YOU every now and then, and when someone insults you, try your hardest to smile or even say a compliment back: a lovely and kind soul is a beauty that never fades or goes out of style.

    So remember….you ARE beautiful…truly.

    Another Woman

    I must be stupid to stay with you, Love is stupid.

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    Why is it like this? I fell for someone who was a lie, but now it’s too late to leave. I dug myself in a whole to deep to get out of. I’m stuck in this dirty apartment, with you.
    Wait, you’re never even here. I work hard all day at a fast food restaurant, to pay the bills. You work so hard at the office. Then you go and drink hard after, staying out until two or three in the morning. Then when you do finally come home I have to deal with your stupid drunken antics.

    Why do I stay with you. I don’t see why. You treat me like shit, you have no respect for my feelings, my future, or our home.