• Why did you have to be the one?

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    I’ve always dreamed of finding you, you have been a dream. This whole time has been absolutely amazing and I am head over heels in love with you. But you’ve been gone for weeks now and I miss you way too much. I have no friends left here and I lay in bed waiting for letters from you. I haven’t gotten one in two weeks by the way. I know that it’s your life long dream to be a soldier and I’m glad you’re living that I would never stop you from doing that but you’re putting me through so much pain in the process I love you and I want you home. Sometimes I wish you would get hurt so they would discharge you, and that’s a terrible thought. So now I only wonder why I had to fall in love with you, and whether or not I’ll have the strength to leave you knowing I’ll never find someone half as good as you.


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    The long, dark nights.
    The awful early mornings.
    The endless days.
    Day after day after day.

    I feel like a 1,000 piece puzzle that somebody is taking apart, piece by piece, day by day.
    I. Am. Falling. Apart.

    It’s heavy, crushing, horrible, the way I feel. It makes dreams and the short hours of sleep my only savior. It makes me want to cry for hours and hours on end.

    But I want you to save me. J, please save me. I need you to save me.

    be careful

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    What are you doing? Seriously? I’m so over this. YOU CAN’T KEEP DOING WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT! I understand you have the boyfriend, and this, and that, don’t worry i get it. But that doesn’t mean the second something doesn’t work out for you and him you get to change the plans we had. Believe it or not I have a life too. Believe it or not i’m just as important as him! And since you can’t see that you’re gonna lose me. I’m serious. Completely. You have done this too many times. Although i don’t usually hold grudges, you have done this too many times and for way too long! I am sick and tired of it. Also you’re a different person than you used to be. We can’t be fun and stupid anymore, and when the fuck did you get so judgmental? Seriously I mean I know me and ________ we’re bad and may have taught you a little but you ran with it in a bad way. I mean really? What happened. I’m sick and tired. I’m done. I’m really done. Be careful. If this keeps happening, I won’t be around for you to blow off anymore.

    facciamo pace?

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    Hey Jean Pierre…

    this is the most unlikely place for you to read this, & that’s why I have to write it here.

    I’ll go straight to the point, cause after all this time, I feel there’s no need to spend too many words on one simple concept: I’ve been in love with you, since the first day I’ve met you.

    It was our first day of our first year in high school; you were sitting right in front of me; & I thought you looked like someone I know…or as I discovered a few hours later, on the bus home, you looked exactly like the love of my life.

    There’s never been anything between you & me, except for phone calls & random afternoons & walking home from the bus stop – best moments of my adolescence, let me tell you.

    I am married now, & I love my husband, & he’s the perfect one for me: but you’ll always be in my heart & mind, & I’ll always want to be back in touch with you – it’s impossible, for as many reasons I can think of (you’ve never liked me the way I wanted, you have a girlfriend, we don’t live in the same city anymore & we don’t even talk) – but in some way, I still hope & dream that some kind of miracle will happen & you’ll be back here, back to me, wanting to talk to me & maybe be friends again.

    Let me just say,
    I’ll always be here, with open arms.

    Missing you,

    Dying Love

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    I remember the beginning, just a year ago. I remember how happy I was that you asked me to be yours. I remember the kiss you surprised me with the day after. I remember how much I loved it.

    That feels so long ago. Now I can barely stand the sight of you. I never knew how boring, shallow, and oblivious you could be. I almost wish I had known, but even if I did, I still would have said yes.

    Sometimes, I just want to tell you that it’s over, and never speak to you again.

    But I could never do that. I’m not a heartbreaker. I would never want to crush your dream of us living together. So I’ll stay right where I am, longing for freedom from your suffocating ways, but as long as it keeps you happy, I’ll never leave.

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    hi…ok so i’ve never really talked to you before but…i really like you…but i don’t even know why. it’s like whenever i see you i smile but you don’t even know who i am.. i dunno i just think you’re cute and it’s helluh awesome you play bass and i love it.. so yeah..


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    I wish I knew how to start this, but I can’t call you “Honey” or “Babe” or anything else I used to. So I’ll just skip that part. I miss you. I miss us. I’m sorry things are the way they are. And I wish this was all easier, but it just isn’t. I love you, and you love me, but we’re not together anymore. After almost a year, you decided to be done. You’ve explained your side of it a million times, but that doesn’t mean I get it. If you love me and you care about me, then be with me. It breaks my heart to keep hurting like this. You’re my best friend and I’m finding myself more and more lost every day we’re apart. Maybe we do need a break, but why couldn’t it have been a mutual decision? Why did you say you wanted a compromise if the only option you were willing to pick was your own? You’re hurting me. I’ve told you everything and you’re just walking away from me. You’re walking away when I need you the most. And I’m angry, yes. But I would still take you back if you suggested it.
    I love you. I always have. I always will. But please stop hurting both of us and just see that there is still hope for an us.


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    Simplemente tu apodo me mato cuando lo escuché por primera vez, como en la película casi famosos, lo único extraño era que aúnno te conocía. Un día entraste a la sala sn saber que eras tu y simplementeme encantaste, creo que miraste a tu alrededor y tu mirada pasó por mis ojos. Literalmente morí, aunque solo duró unos momentos ya que enseigue fuieste abrazado por tu novia, volví a morir. Esta muerte doró hasta el segundo año de medicina, cuando eras libre y podía tener alguna oportunidad. Teníamos todas las clases juntos, pero tu sólo no me notabas o tal vez si. Quise hacercarme, hablarte pero nunca tuve las agallas para hacerlo. Tuve un plan, para que alguien hablara cn tigo, pero no se pudo. Embarraste mi única oportunidad que pude haber tenido, te interesaste por otra chica, una chica que estaba tan cerca mío que debía de aguantar aquellos mimos que perdí.

    Espero que algún día me mires, me notes, me hables y yo resonda como siempre he querido. No creo que otras cosas en las clases me distraigan de tí. Pasando horas pensando en en tí.

    Te quiero chico con apellido de ciervo,

    te quiero mucho.
    Con amor, C