• Throwin up the dueces

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    Dear Sweet boy,

    I’m not sure if you’re aware of this or not, but you broke my heart. Straight shattered it. I swore to myself that I would never let someone do that to me again, and you promised me that you would never fade and yet that’s exactly what you did. Not only did you fade out once, but you faded out TWICE! You were told me everything I wanted to hear, everything that I was dying to hear from you, and I don’t think you meant a single word. I wish you knew how much you hurt me because I know you don’t. You just think I shrugged it off, it was nothing, I just went on with my life, but that wasn’t it at all. It’d also be one thing if you left because you found another girl, or you didn’t like me, but you left because you were too big of a nancy. You were too scared to be vulnerable. You were too scared to actually put yourself out there. You were too scared to fall in love. You’re stupid. Because I damn sure could’ve loved the heck out of you. And I can go ahead and tell you, you ain’t never gonna find another girl like a Georgia girl, but you’ll realize that soon enough. Sucker.

    I don’t need you anymore,
    Beautiful girl

    not anymore.

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    from the moment we met at work that summer, you had me. i fell for you instantly. but that never meant anything to you. i made it perfectly clear how i felt, and i thought you felt the same. who knows, maybe you did, but for whatever reason, you strung me along, led me on. for months i put up with it because i was so hopelessly in love with you. you hurt me and rejected me over and over, but somehow i was always yours.

    but no longer. you broke me too many times. i found another boy, did you know that? and i am happy to report that i am in love. for real this time. he would never hurt me the way you did. i’m not your plaything anymore.

    have a nice life,

    Society is wrong again

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    To every girl out there starving yourself or making yourself puke,

    JUST STOP IT! Being a skeleton isn’t attractive. If someone only falls in love with you because of your body they aren’t worth it. Wouldn’t you rather be fat and happy than a skeleton and miserable? This is just society’s way of putting you down so that you are weak. You don’t have to be a size zero to be beautiful. Not everyone that’s a size zero is happy and dating every guy. If you aren’t happy with who you’ve become then be someone you want to.

    Confidence is the most beautiful thing ever.

    A confident girl who won’t let society get her down

    I’m still in love with you..

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    Dear Lucas,

    I miss you. I need you. What happened? For two whole years we were madly in love. Everyday I feel even more in love with you. Everyday with you was a miracle. Being with you made me the happiest, luckiest girl alive. You showed me how to be myself and how to not care what others think. You showed me what love was. Now, now everything has changed. I’ve changed, you’ve changed. We’ve changed. I’m someone I never thought I’d be. Someone you would never see me being. You, you’re with someone we both know is not right for you. We, we look at each other and I can see it in your eyes, you miss me but you’re not ready or don’t want to go back. I just hope you know now, 5 years, 10, years, 50 years from right now, even after breaking my heart, I will ALWAYS be here for you and love you with everything I’ve got. You still mean the world to me and I hope you see that. I hope one day you look back and see what a huge mistake you made. I love you. I love you more than I ever have before.

    Nothing has changed. No one has taken your place. We belong together. We need each other. I’m here when you’re ready babe. I love you..

    Hey “Coach”

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    Hey “Coach”, and yeah those quotes are there for a reason. You are the single worst soccer coach in the history of the world and I am so fed up with it. Fuck you. You have no idea what you’re doing. How come I’m playing 10 minutes a game when I got pulled up as a freshman and i’m now a junior and freshman you pulled up this year are playing more than me. You are just favoring your travel team, which by the way, sucks. No I don’t play on it, but I play on an amazing team, we actually, you know, play soccer. But you wouldn’t know how to do that would you? I think you are single-handedly succeeding in ruining my life because I’m so freaking tense all of the time. You’re driving me crazy. My mom knows more about soccer than you do, and I can’t stand listening to her talk about soccer. “Look in the mirror and decide whether you really want to play that sectional game” you told us after we lost today. Didn’t even have to look…if I’m not playing anyway then no thanks, I’ll ditch. You can’t even judge ability. Even if you’re going by speed, I’m faster than the girls you have in (who by the way were just pulled up this year or last year). I just I don’t even know. I can get myself kicked off or get a red card or something I’m so angry at what’s happening. You’re going to explain to me why I’m not playing and I’d bet it’ll be something you googled. I can talk circles around you about soccer, and I can out-argue anyone on any topic, so don’t think tomorrow is going to go well. Be prepared, for your own sake.