• I miss

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    The touch of a woman’s hand on my skin. The warm skin of her body up against mine. The way they kiss a man cannot compete. To look into her eyes filled with wonder and ecstasy. The way her inner thighs feel like silk up against my mouth. Oh the way a woman smells makes my mouth water! The most missed is being held as if they don’t ever want to leave. This is just a vent letter and not intended for reply. Replies don’t matter. Bashing this letter is accepted. Hate reply welcomed. Vent letters just help release.

    From: it doesn’t matter .

    For myself

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    It’s been awhile since we’ve seen each other. I quit smoking and replaced it with liquor. That’s right a 5th a day help keeps the memories of you away. I hate waking up hung over and sick with regrets from knowing you. I wish we never met I wish you stayed away I’m ruining my life all because you couldn’t be a man and tell the truth. I hope you’re happy with all the games you played all the broken hearts you collected. One day you will remember me but not because you cared because it will be the day you hear of my death. Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone about what your lies and games did to me. How I smoked and drank myself to forget you and the hurt you caused me. You can relax and live your like you always have with plenty of beer, liquor and dope followed every night with endless women. Hope your happy with yourself and the lives you’ve ruined.

    I’ll get over it, always do….

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    I saw what I needed to see. Thank you. For what its worth, I understand why you did that, and I know you weren’t trying to hurt me. I just wanted you to take a second and try to understand the way it made me feel and why I was disappointed. Maybe thats wrong of me, if so, Im sorry. Our connection means alot to me and I dont want to lose that too.


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    I hate myself a lot and I have no one to tell thats why I am doing this. I’m severly depressed I have anxiety and I have panic attacks almost every night. my friends dont noticed the cuts or they do they just dont care
    I am in pain and no one cares my family knows just doesn’t do anything about it. I think about death everyday and It seem very appealing and all I want is for someone to talk to me and be there for me

    -a 13 year old who is fucked up

    Know what?

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    I read these letters and realize that your right. I am just a basic girl to you. If people just understood that I don’t care what others think of me. I like me and that’s all that matters. I like you a lot and that matters to me. I know I was just a basic girl to you and that’s ok. I love you for you even if you think lowly of me. I will have to say that you don’t have to worry about me trying to hook up with you again. You deserve more than just a basic girl. I will say that to me you are absolutely fascinating. I would have loved to get to know you more. I know your just not into me like that though. If you only knew how Gorgeous and interesting you are to me then things would make more sense. I know I’ve been quite annoying with my texts to you. I just love wishing you a great I told you that my love for you is unconditional. I don’t give up on people I truly love. You always have me in your corner. The problem is you don’t want me to be and that’s ok if it makes you happy. I would love to be friends and hangout. I am now realizing that being just another basic girl to you is going to make that not possible. You owe me nothing. I am meeting new people and I hope to start having friends again. I miss hanging out with women. I’m not looking for anything more than friendships. I am going to be single awhile. I am going to move into my own place soon and my child starts college next year. I will focus on myself. I know I’m not just a basic girl. That’s really all that matters. I want to meet people who enjoy my presence. I feel my old self coming back. When you left me the winds were taken out of my sails and I became a hermit and lost my happy for a bit. I would love for you to be apart of my life and not for selfish reasons. I really found you fascinating and wanted to learn more of you. The wall you have built is too high for me to climb. That confirms you don’t want me to climb it. I still am in your corner and I genually hope you find someone who finds you as fascinating as I found you. I hope I find someone I can learn also and that they want me to.

    To my fascinating woman
    From your basic girl