• Wanting

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    To look deep into those eyes as I lean in to kiss that sexy mouth. As your eyes closed I would lay you back,spread those sexy legs and kibble those inner thighs of yours. I bet your hips would start moving and lustful desire fills us both for me to take a taste of you. I want those sexy hands to grab my hair as you thrust hard on my mouth. I would then work my way up to your flushed sexy face and tale your mouth with mine. Going as deep and as hard as I can. Say my name as I grab that ass to pull you into me. Grind that body on mine until you cum hard. Then I will lick up every bit. My mouth waters at the thought of what you taste like.

    Watching You!

    How do

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    You get a simple pin to hold up that sexy messy bun? Has anyone ever told you, you smell of vanilla?

    4 Days

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    It’s been 4 days since you left, and I have had time to reflect. I miss you more than I could ever put into proper words and my heart is silently weeping. There is no amount of time that will heal this. I know we were never anything, and I couldn’t even fathom trying to be someone you did not want me to be in your life. But I can say,you made a lasting impression on me, even when you didn’t quite understand my letter to you, that in it’s own way,it was my plea for you to see me,raw and wide open, realize you were so cared and cherished. Did I love you, yes, of course, as much as a person could love someone so special. I won’t call it a missed chance or opportunity, I didn’t have a right to impose my feelings on you. I was drawn to you the very first moment I met you, barbecuing in the back yard. And I remember when you were so upset that evening in Walmart, and I asked if you were okay, and you said no and you walked away. I wanted to take you in my arms and hug you and assure you it would be alright. But I couldn’t do that, I was afraid of what I was feeling. As time went on, we talked, laughed and teased each other. 2 beautiful nights together, my gosh you were amazing!I never pushed for more, even though I would have loved to be kissed for the first time in so many years and I wanted that with you. We both know the age difference played such a big part in how things played out, and our lives and your commitment. I moved, am still moving forward and away from my past life. You impacted and lol, ruined me, I now know what I can and cannot put myself through all over again, I have to keep moving forward.While you may not believe that, it is true. My future awaits me, it is wide open and I am embracing it! I miss you, and thank you for your friendship.


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    To you,

    You know who you are. You must know. You’re one of the only people left that I have worth being upset over. My best friend. Why does that leave a sour echo of laughter in my mind? I know why. You know why. Let’s just admit it already? You used to be my best friend, but what should have pulled us closer has pushed us apart instead. You were always on my side. You were the one I could always rely on, when the world was tearing me apart, and god, does it try that trick often. There’s something to be said about a person who will take you side, even when that side is shrouded in the shadows of dubious motives and actions. I think, well I know, that’s something everybody needs. A small reminder that we are all good people, but sometimes we do terrible things.

    You were that to me. You were that to me for so many years it’s hard to count them all. The years you were there far outweigh those that you have not. Perhaps that’s why I’m still stood beside you, perhaps that’s why my mind has a mental blocker that prevents me from walking away.

    But, you are not that person any more. You are not my light in dubious doubt. You are the bringer of shadows, the creator of dark. Where you once pushed the fractured pieces of me back together, you now pull, obsessively, as though you have realized your past mistake. You’re mistake in trying to make me whole again.
    I miss you. I miss the way you used to look at me. That’s why, when you did, I told you to stop. I told you then, what would happen. That one day you would wake up and the glimmer that caught your attention would be gone. A shiny new penny is only that, until it gets its first scuff. How dirty must my face look to you? How dingy must you feel to be with me.
    I want you back more than I could ever put into words, which is obscene, I have you more now than I ever had before. So, why am I so lonely? Do you miss me? Do you miss your best friend, the person who always had your side?

    I don’t know what to do any more. I know what people want me to do, think I should do, judge me for not doing. I know that there is no logical reason to why I’m doing this to myself any more. I can justify it in one way or another. I can say I’m afraid to be alone, that you are in no means the worst of my choices, that simply put, I don’t want to hurt you. But, those justifications are just excuses. In truth, I’m waiting. I’m waiting for you to come back. I’m waiting for my best friend to tell me I’m worth more than this, because right now, I really don’t believe that I am. How could I? How could I think that I’m worth anything, when the only person who has ever built me up, has started to pull me apart?

    I keep getting told that it will get better. That I should take the leap and believe that there’s something great out there for me, someone great out there for me. I think that’s funny, not that I don’t believe their generic advice. It’s probably true. Things always get worse before they get better and how much worse can things really get? Surely rock bottom has to be around here somewhere? Have I already hit it? Have I somehow managed to miss it? Will I fall forever?

    I need you more than ever. I need you in ways that I’ve never needed anyone. I’m falling. I’ve been falling for forever. And now, I’m falling away from you.

    Dear K

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    I don’t know if you will ever read this, or you only posted it on your tumblr to give another website a “shoutout” but never come here.
    I will say all of this anyway.
    I am a few minutes away from finishing the first part
    Of a journey that you gave me a map to.
    It still blows my damn mind when I think of how I treated you, and then what you gave me in return.
    I didn’t think people like you existed.
    Thank you for seeing the insecure shell of a person that wanted so much to be loved. I didn’t know how, I’m still working on that.
    I do know one thing, if what I am beginning to feel for you, is what love feels like, I want it. All of it. All of you.
    For now, I’ll keep working on myself and ask God to guide your life in what he wants for you and mine for me, and maybe, just maybe, this pathway will lead me
    to you.
    If you ever see this, I hope you write back.