• Don’t ever mistake

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    my silence for ignorance
    my calmness for acceptance
    & my kindness for weakness!

    Don’t get mad at me!!

    Tasmanian Devil,
    First . . . let everyone know how dysfunctional Lily is getting worse, with that imitation care and concern in your voice, just to make sure everyone is only looking at her when you take the car, the house, the money, and all the valuables.
    How is that gas-lighting going anyways?
    Seems to be more fun for you some days than others, but I could be wrong. Remember, I’m wrong all the time?
    After she no longer has the keys, it won’t take long.
    Proud of yourself?
    Daddy’s watching!
    I have so much more to say, but what a waste of my time to help you out. Geez!
    But I have to get this out . . . Do you honestly think that living in the middle of a tornado zone makes it appear that you are obtuse? Not to me it doesn’t.

    Dear SeaOtter

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    Sometimes you have to make things happen. Other times, you need to help make it happen. You know what I mean? Today, a bunch of kids were trying to hide a necklace from the boys, I let them borrow my safe, dressed as a dictionary. Now they all know my name. Mark and John were hogging Rachel again. Don’t they see I want to talk to her too? Speaking of hogging, when I approached Trinity and Sadhna, leaving Rachel and the boys since I’m not included in theie little talk, Trinity just became sad! She looked all happy before I came. Eventually Trinity walked away, Sadhna and I followed her, I asked what’s wrong and she said, “I told you not to ask my that question!” Jeesh louise! I was JUST trying to help! I asked Sadhna to go ask her, then I left to watch Juliana play with a yoyo, to respect their privacy and all. Then, when I glanced at Sadhna to see if she was talking with Trinity, she was poking Minerva’s cheek while Minerva was poking Sadhna’s cheek. How did THAT happen? Eventually it was over and the teacher told us we have to plan the Halloween activites for the kids. The choices were Haunted House, Arts and Crafts, Story Telling, Snack Bar, and a Photo Booth. I got caught in the Story Telling, while everyone else in the group was doing something else. I was alone. Again. In a group where no one else from my group is. Again. I almost cried, being excluded for like the millionth time, but then, luck hit me. “Hey, wanna switch groups?” Zac asked me. He was in Arts and Crafts with Rachel and Sadhna. “Yes!” I responded. Before this happened, we got 10 minutes to ask if we could switch with someone. In the end, no one wanted to switch with me. I didn’t bother asking to switch with anyone in the Haunted House group where Minerva was because EVERYONE wanted to be in their group! It was no use. It was time up, then I sadly returned to my desk. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t fit in. I began to wrote my feelings in capital letters on paper. I think the reason Zac reached out to me was because he saw what I wrote, and maybe felt bad. “Thank you so much, you have no idea how much this means to me!” I thanked him, about to give a hug, then paused. Everyone would see, we were standing in front of the classroom, I didn’t want to start any rumors! As Zac walked away, I thought I heard him mutter, “I think I do have an idea, on what this means to you.” In a way, I think he’s really sweet. Zac scored some brownie points and became my favourite guy in the grade! No, I don’t love him like romantic love. I don’t even know what that is. But I do love him, not romantic, just love. JUST love. But still, Zac, he reached out to me, I was so thankful… He reminded me of you SeaOtter. How you’d pull me out of the darkness. Thank you. Thank you for that.

    From, forever yours, Mouse

    message received

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    Watching the lake,
    the lights of the city.

    Poisoning my mind.

    No rain, no storm.

    A thunderbolt.
    Right next to me.


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    Do you remember explaining the Great Rite to me? You were surprised I didn’t know — but how was I supposed to know? We laughed and laughed. And then it became one of my favorite fantasies. You in the circle wearing nothing but a shawl made of crow’s feathers. Fire and feathers. Seven years later and I still want you!

    ~Blessed Samhain, Mhorrigan~

    That’s life, I guess…

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    I really did like you. Things with you felt so seamless. I felt like I could be myself. I was amazed by what we had in common, and then things fell apart as I naturally knew they would. But I wasn’t forceful and I didn’t ask for more, so though I knew naturally the cutoff would come (you did hang around for longer than anticipated), it still caught me off guard a little when it happened and you pulled away. It wasn’t my choice, surely, I was so content with things in how they were, but I guess you grew out of them, out of me. Or something. But you were the one making advances. Confused, but I guess that’s life, and I might as well move on…. Surely you can’t be the only one I feel this connection with….


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    Reading some of these letters online for the last couple of months, has perked my curiosity on whether or not you use this site as well…being that some of these letters and comments made really seem to fit our unique situation furthermore recently in the last week or so one of your letters seem to have been a perfect response to one of mine. Especially since my letter or shall i say request holds some very discriptive detials about what has happend in the last three weeks between us.

    If you do use this site I’m not going to ask or plead with you to contact me at all, that ball is still in your court….the only thing i ask is for conformation by you finishing this old inside joke we used to have “I’m not a geek just…” if you don’t want to answer that then that’s fine too…at lest now you know now that I am using this site as well.

    opinions please…

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    Just curious about the percentage of woman who have been cheated on, who would feel the NEED to speak to the “other woman”?

    Most of what I have read on the site actually makes fun of the spouse who is suffering and venting, by using tired comments, such as, “…if you were taking care of things at home, blah, blah, or my favorite, ” it takes two to tango”..
    These are actually not surprising sentiments coming from those whose posts show they are also clearly in a secret affair with one who they work with, pining away for more attention or basically begging the person to go ahead and leave their spouse…
    Of COURSE they would identify with the CHEATER in the scenerio!
    No one ever actually has the balls to talk to each other!! If someone states their intention to confront someone who has disrespected them and their children, people immediatly come out of the woodwork calling them bitter or advising that their anger is “misdirected”.
    Yes the cheating husband or wife bears responsibilty, but also the one who they cheated with, (especially if they knew the person wasnt single and god forbid, had children)
    Heres another twist, they themselves are married, have a kid, and continue to work with the person they fucked!

    Dear Bunny

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    Dear Bunny,

    Thank you for my Road Tax and 3D sticker! It is super cuteeeeee especially the 3D one I can’t wait to use ittttt <3
    Will you put the Road Tax one on for me, later? #seefirst28

    I suppose you have been cold to me because you do not want me to hang on to any hope any longer. Neither do you. I’m sorry, am I hurting you?
    Despite the distance you put between us, and the hints I’ve been getting from you, I’m still throwing myself at you like a fool.

    I hope you like the little surprise I did for you over the weekend. It has 2 layers of hashtag messages + your favourite chao kan emoticon. Was that really your reaction? I was secretly mocking you hehe. ?

    The care package is just a fraction of how much I thought of you over the weekend. I missed you so much. I hope you are feeling better by now.
    Ever since we started seeing each other, you have been constantly on my mind. Even if I do not text you or spend much time with you, you were always missed. I’m sorry you felt neglected all these time.
    My feelings towards you haven’t changed all these while
    I did not mean to hurt you. I am just lost. And so torn between you… and guilt… and emotions… I suppose all I ended up doing was hurting you and everyone else around me instead.

    I suppose I am unsure myself with what I should do. What my decision is. What my decision should be.
    In all honesty, it may not even be my decision to make in the end (like how YOU (as always) made the call)
    Life is so unfair, yet it is fair. Perhaps, this is Karma for me.

    I cried missing you last night.
    I’m sorry for the late texts, but my heart just couldn’t bear receiving all those rejecting one liner texts from you any longer.
    Sometimes, I rather not receive any rejecting texts than these distant ones.

    There is only so much I will be able to do (for you) from the sidelines.
    I know you have been telling me countless times, I do not have to do anything buy anything any longer. I know… I get it, and I understand.
    Please know, I only do them just to put a smile on your face, and they are just a tiny reminder on how important you are to me, and how you are constantly on my mind.

    Xoxo, Kimmy