• Oh Goodness

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    I write a goodbye letter and then read yours after and feel stupid. I really make a mess of things. I feel foolish now. You haven’t written like that in ages. I’ve missed your voice.

    Ashley W.

    Felt it

    by  • May 26, 2016 • 2 Comments

    The infinite connection breathes and lives filling the tree of love with green leaves,as your honeyed dew drops pour into my heart it fills up with joy. In that timeless moment beyond the mystery my soul flies high in ecstasy. It’s beyond your imagination how your breathtakingly beautiful words weave magic within me I feel like running wild barefoot like a teen-ager.. Inside, your warmth of love ignites such passion that I feel the power of the universe blessing me to carry on the fight to move step by step closer to my precious jubilation ..you my elixir.


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    Every night my pillows bear the stains of my mascaras. Every sunrise makes me realize how fake is life
    With every golden word the way you break me everyday how I wish to gift you my total silence but as hands are tied I give you the power to break me everyday….