• I can’t help what I DON’T feel

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    This needs to be said. Sooner rather than later. I don’t want to hurt you by keeping this from you any longer and I certainly do not want to lead you on as I know this feeling and it tore me apart so bad.

    I don’t love you.

    Thank you for your love and attention. I appreciate it and I’m flattered so much and I’m sorry you mistook my kindness for romantic love towards you. Of course I love you. You’re my friend. But there isn’t anything else there. And there will never be. I am sorry to hurt you but its the way it is.

    I can’t be friends with you at the moment. I’m not sure if we can be.

    I wish I didn’t feel this way

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    You drive me crazy. All i want to do is kiss you all day and be there with you. No words required. Just you and me listeing to each other’s hearts beat. I just want you to feel the same so so much. I love you more than anything in the world and I would do anything for you, anything at all. I’m mad about you and I just can’t stop thinking of you, every second of every day. Let me give everything to you, my whole life, all of me. I am here hurting, aching for you, You are my everything. I need to wrap you in my arms tight and never let you go. I am so very in love with you. I know its so crazy but I need you oh so very much and I love you. I know I do. And I also know I want to spend every second getting to know you.

    Please don’t be so far away from me anymore. I really can’t take it much longer, if at all. Come to me. Come here where you belong, in my arms. I need you


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    It was almost a year ago I sent you a real letter. Didn’t help in the slightest. But it was a letter of apologies and meant for our destitution. You know I smoke lots. Because of you that is. I was not meant to hear about your problems on the first day of meeting you. I was very unstable later that week. My thoughts were. Finally I’ve found somebody. I was a 22 year old virgin male. It didn’t bother me. But know I know you’re problem which I believe to be just lies. Which entered my head when I was in hospital whilst I was delusional. She couldn’t do that stuff she spoke about. But I convinced myself I could stop you doing it. So I couldn’t talk to you . but believing stupid things I believed at the time if I have one smoke of a cigarette you will be fine. And I would be fine. I believed I could telepathically speak to you. Because what made me realise I loved you was all the obstacles you pit in my way. I wanted to secretly find away to stop the pain. I even told you that I loved you. And looked you in the eye. You must have seen the fear both my eyes Felt lost. Then I started to see things as they were. You’re very young. I’m rubbish at expressing my worries so I never said. I hope to God that you haven’t told anyone except maybe one or two close people. I know you don’t love me. The last time I was over wasn’t fair. Oky so you have grown. But I saw no light in your eyes. Like you looked dead when you starred at me. On the first visit I saw something out of this world in you. I don’t know how to go on not knowing how you are living. I think you did know how beautiful you were and you convinced yourself you needed close company. Power trip you enjoy. Now I have had sex with four different girls. And I believe you were my soul mate. But no reply to a letter and yes you’re changing daily but I want to be informed. In your own time doesn’t mean when you are 18.

    When you reach that pivotal age. I want nothing to do with you if you have decided not to acknowledge me.

    Steve R

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    I am friends with irena on FB. I saw pics of u together. I’m happy for u. I have morals now and I wouldn’t want u to cheat. So I’ll make it easy for u. I’ll step away. Guess our timing was never right. Real bummer.


    Short n sweet

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    Does it not BLOW your mind how fate, the universe, how, whatever you want to call it or put it down to. Finds a way to bring people that are ‘meant to be’, together ?!?
    It does mine…everyday!