• :(

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    You’ve achieved what you wanted. Can’t see the good in you without feeling dumb.

    I’m not over you

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    I just want you to know that you stole something from me. I am trying my very best to get it back. After all, I am the queeen of pride.

    You stole my heart. The most stupid thing I don’t want to happen to me is to fall in love but it did happen.

    It should have been the most wonderful thing but it’s too late, I no longer believe in love.So, I chose to let you go and acted like a jerk so you’ld hate and leave me alone and you did.

    I can’t buy back what happened.I can’t just turn back time and be o ‘cuz I’m definitely NOT. I know its weird. But I know I love you. I really do.

    You will never know how I really feel for you, probably you have moved on. While I can’t.
    I can’t stop myself thingking about you. Silently I am dying inside missing you. I wish you knew. I wish you feel what I feel, but I guess some things are not really meant to be.

    Maybe you’re meant to be with someone else. Someone great. Someone better than me. We never had a chance cuz I cut it off but you stole my heart. Really you did. I love you… Hopefully it will end. I hate loving you.


    I’m sorry

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    I’m sorry I feel in live with you I knew you didn’t feel the same I’m sorry I made Emily up when I know I shouldn’t have I just wanted to talk to you,
    You were the reason I woke up every day the reason for me carrying on now where just strangers we had so many memories together I loved you more then anything you were my world my everything I still love you to bits when I was 14 was when I first saw u on your door step I thought u was a angel sent from the heavens above I loved u straight away it was love at first sight but I knew u wouldn’t feel the same ๐Ÿ™ all I wanted was you iv moved on now and I’m happy but all u do is carry on slagging me off u need to grow up I’m sorry if I didn’t treat u right or if I didn’t show u I loved u so but I hope who ever your with now makes u happy I still care about u dearly ๐Ÿ™‚

    My soul has a gut

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    It’s going and I am not in control anymore. Now it is slowly coming up insisting and scratching to be free but I can’t … I can’t because my soul is already dead to bring it back to life it would be the same out. My body wants to feel it’s soul but it’s gone and bruised it’s calling me to chase but o can’t cross that path with my body … I love to many living bodies to ever leave them so unkindly. I don’t wake up everyday being suicidal for ten years or more, I wake up knowing I won’t commit suicide today and the same thing the next days as I take by day. My harm is non existent for myself or others but I struggle with the pain of knowing I would never do it for years. I never will because it would kill the ones that hold me back and I can never do that


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    Baby you make go crazy.
    I don’t want to lose you
    I am so in love with you
    Trust me
    Every word I say I just want to say I simply love you..
    Though I know nothing can be done this pain is inevitable..
    Yet your love my breather every morning it brings me smile and every night it gives me dreams..
    Without you I am nothing with you I feel am living and I think together we would have been rocking but……..
    I am owned you are taken destiny smiles when we play our heart games…in the journey of life the wild flowers on the way spread fragrance though sometimes the thorns hurt so much yet I love how you always take me in your arms and fill me up with your love…
    Muahh love you love you love you
    Missing you a lot ..a lot…a freaking lot:)

    I fucked three escorts so far . . .

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    I love it… It’s becoming a hobby of mine.

    A wise man once said, “You don’t pay her for sex, you pay her to leave afterwards”.

    I think having sex with escorts is ideal and it’s HOT too…

    There are some beautiful escorts in my area…

    Of course, I always wear a condom… Lol

    I’ll probably keep fucking escorts until I’m done with college…