• Steve R

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    I am friends with irena on FB. I saw pics of u together. I’m happy for u. I have morals now and I wouldn’t want u to cheat. So I’ll make it easy for u. I’ll step away. Guess our timing was never right. Real bummer.


    Short n sweet

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    Does it not BLOW your mind how fate, the universe, how, whatever you want to call it or put it down to. Finds a way to bring people that are ‘meant to be’, together ?!?
    It does mine…everyday!

    You ruined a few songs for me.

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    I’ve been thinking. It was definitely for the best. It hurt but it was definitely for the best. It probably wouldn’t have worked out, for reasons neither of us could really control. We probably couldn’t even have sex, if your condition was as bad as you said. It wouldn’t have been fair to either of us.

    I see now what was happening. You didn’t know how difficult it would be, and we found out the hard way. It’s nobody’s fault. I think maybe you could have tried harder to make it work, but in the end I can’t fault you. You didn’t choose this life.

    I don’t know if you loved me. I think the things you told me were true when you first said them. But I don’t know if they were still true the day you decided you couldn’t do it anymore. I hope they were, but I can’t know.

    It was better to cut it off before it got too serious. It was better for the both of us. In the end, you’re still my friend. Sure, I wanna sleep with you, but who doesn’t have that one friend they wanna sleep with?

    You know that I’m used to wanting things I can’t have. I’ll be okay.

    Break my heart

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    I want you to break my heart. Take pictures with other girls and post them on Facebook and don’t acknowledge my existence. Because I still miss our conversations. I still have the urge to text you. And I know I need to get over you.

    Be bold

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    I haven’t been kissed in four years. I haven’t held hands and had a date in four years. I haven’t had a meaningful conversation with a guy in four years. I miss all that, but maybe you can change that?