• I gave you the map and the knife

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    I gave you everything when I was your bestfriend my marriage ended because of it! I thought you where my family I gave you everything and you abandoned me! I have not seen you in 10 months you walked out and never came back! I opened up to you and gave you my heart! you knew everything about me inside and out! You had a map to my heart and used it to stab me in the heart your wound will always be the deepest! But I still worry and pray for you daily! If I was so horrible why did you want to be my friend? Did you just use me? Funny thing is I still search for you and look at your picture often! I love you Sonya but I cant get cut by your emotional knife anymore your wound is the deepest!

    All my love always

    You’re the best thing

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    That ever happened to me.

    I love you so much and I’m never going to stop.

    You’re everything to me Sweetheart, I look forward to telling you how much I care about you.

    You’re so amazing, I just can’t believe my luck.

    I’m so very, very much in love with you.

    Have a lovely day, Sweetness.

    I love you xxxxxxx

    Bad marriage

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    I don’t know who I am, I don’t know why I have traveled down this road..
    I have so many regrets…who am I?

    Right now I regret ever meeting you

    You have taken me to hell and back, all of your lies, cheating and secrecy

    I’ve wasted so many, many years

    I hate me more than I hate you

    I don’t want to stay but I don’t know how to leave

    What’s the next step, how do I pull myself together, what’s wrong with me, what’s wrong with you?

    For staying here…


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    It was great to see you last week, and I’m looking forward to catching up again.
    I do have a confession to make…
    I’ve developed a crush on you. In the last week.
    …and I’m not happy about it either.
    You haven’t seen the mess I’m in, which is probably for the better. I can’t sleep, I’m not thirsty, and I feel sick to my stomach most of the time.
    I should make it clear that the above says nothing about you. There’s nothing wrong with you, nothing that is repulsive to me.
    We are friends, and very good ones I hope.
    I respect your opinion and your advice. I always have a great time in your company. You are intelligent, opinionated, charming, interesting and funny. You’re always respectful, considerate, and kind to me. You’re easy company – no demands or expectations. You’re there, accepting me for me. I hope you have an equally high opinion of me.
    Can you see how I don’t think “feelings” should be allowed to come in and fuck around with this?
    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it sort of thing?
    I love you dearly, as a friend. You have my care, my respect, my support and my loyalty. As you know, I always have time for you. Neither of us need me to love you differently. You don’t need me to love you with fire and ice and a touch of obsession. That kind of love is not necessary.
    Is it?
    I don’t want to feel it. It will put me on the back foot. It will start eroding away the safety and comfort of this friendship. This friendship is too precious to me for that shit.
    I’m terrified I will lose your friendship.