• That was kind of shitty of you

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    B- I know I shouldn’t care because I got above a 100% on the final but I seriously can not handle the amount of favoritism you display towards Z-. Z- who got a better grade than me on the last take home test even though I know for a fact she started working on it the day before. I don’t know maybe she is some sort of idiot savant at population dynamics and that’s why she got a higher grade than both D- and I. Or that she finished the final even though you said it wouldn’t be possible. And what about that time she got higher grades than both D- and I on a discussion post when all she posted was 1 response an hour before it was due to our discussion board, where D- and I had put in multiple responses through out the week. I don’t know maybe they weren’t as well thought out as Z-‘s. But that does not explain the advice you were giving her on the finals questions that you were not giving to anyone else even if it was asked from you.

    Z- already has all the breaks she needs in life. She already has a good-paying job as a result of her Master’s thesis work. She just ‘didn’t want getting a B in your class to murder her 4.0’. I and others in the other class are struggling with the material and sitting on the cusp of B to C. We are the ones that could use that break. Z- could probably use the push that a B would give her to handle her *gross* time mismanagement skills. That was just kind of shitty of you.



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    As a reminder of heart
    like a pinch
    This distant lullaby
    repeating itself
    Over and over
    a whisper in silence
    a scream in the dark
    Like a breath
    a threat of life
    Melancholy reporting
    of hopes too far
    Tears long dried up
    sensation remains
    Split seconds
    a thought escapes
    The sound of destiny
    in my ears
     My hands reaching
    touching the wind
    Closing my eyes
    finding your face
    As a reminder of heart
    like a pinch
    This distant lullaby
    repeating itself
    I can hear you
    why don’t you
    listen ?


    Heart of My Hearts

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    “Only his daughter had the power of charming this black brooding from his mind. She was the golden thread that united him to a Past beyond his misery, and to a Present beyond his misery: and the sound of her voice, the light of her face, the touch of her hand had a strong and beneficial influence with him…always.”

    Last Run

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    Mm mm it hurts so good
    I feel it deep
     confusion of my of my soul

    How much to give and
     how much to keep

    What is going on

    If there is such a thing
     like perfect match
    Would have to be in truth
     enjoying as I might be
    With no restrains for him
     and none of those for me

     To think I found it, crazy
     holding on to glimpses
     Swallow hard and close my eyes
     emotions overwhelming
    Knowing of *never* lingering
     taking all my  breath

    Push it deeper, oh stab it hard
     please let me feel the pain
    For this might be a brand new start
     like an ending length of faith
    Now searching for my shoes
    hesitantly finding them

     So tight but squeeze my feet
     knowing what I have to do
    Focus, breathe and then forget
     knowing that will never happen
    Forcing myself to move faster
     Still slowly with a bended soul
     but head held high so strong
     and grinning my cynical smile
    Hi hoo and there I go
    Running, running……my mind is fast
    That is what I do, that’s what I do best
     I will be alright somehow
     Faster then the wind
     Riding the wave of life
    Nobody to come close
     Nobody to ever catch 
     or see

    The last run this is
    breathless but
    I will never stop!

    — S.D.


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    Storm clouds rolling in
    The wind is picking up
    I swallow pain closing my eyes
    No storm compares to cluttered emotions
    I stand straight to face the hurricane
    Yet crumble at my feelings
    So utterly lost in this confusion

    I know how I should 
    I can not fight against it though
    Twisted mind pollution of purity
    All of your words all at once
    Perfection in contradiction
    Beautiful composition in indecision

    Which to believe should not be a choice
    Longing for your love and touch
    Smears objectivity from need
    Air so thick only a knife gets through
    Breath of reality fighting destiny’s questions

    What is what what’s up what’s down
    What’s left what’s right
    What’s right what’s wrong
    Where does it begin and where does it end
    There is no end
    There is no beginning

    Full circles in eternal confusion
    The only reason for living to learn
    Failing to realize what those lessons are
    Love compartmentalized into society
    Fitting individual needs of desire

    Hopeless faith faceless gone 
    Life transcending into various dimensions
    Flying in space between the universes
    I actually want to fall and be
    Somewhere at rest

    Letting my soul escape into nothing


    Courtesy of Emily Post and the Hard Lessons of Sin

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    That I did always love,
    I bring thee proof:
    That till I loved
    I did not love enough.

    That I shall love alway,
    I offer thee
    That love is life,
    And life hath immortality.

    This, dost though doubt, sweet?
    Then have I
    Nothing to show
    But Calvary.

    Please forgive my iniquity. I love you as far as the East is from the West and all points inbetween.