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    Does it bother you when you write diatribes on letters only to find out they weren’t to you? Or is it merely unloading on someone else selfishly? Or do you really truly think the letters are to you regardless what logic dictates? I’m seriously asking.

    If you love two people …

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    “If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second”
    Quote by Johnny Depp


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    The thought of never seeing your eyes sparkle again when you look at me is heartbreaking. I will never again see you smile the way you did. I knew it was a genuine smile, with genuine love behind it. I thought we were solid…I thought we were it.

    I keep remembering the good times…before it all became complicated and went so wrong so fast. We had so many plans and dreams. We were going to be together until the end. All of it ended because of a misunderstanding. But you wouldn’t listen, you didn’t want to hear my side.

    You claim that it is hard for you and that you will miss me but you have wiped me from your life so quickly, so easily. I am learning to live without you and that is getting easier because you have changed. You are no longer the one I fell in love with. I do not want the person you have become.

    My Lovely Tomato :3

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    Hello Tomato, we broke up more than a month and a week back and I know you think because I broke up I’m not sad or regretful and you also think it was an way decision.

    Yes, we broke up because of our religious differences and because I’m kinda tired of some of the bullshit you give me. I grew a bit tired and I could hold on, you know it. I’ve been through so much with you. You wanted to know again and again the real reasons why we broke up and here it goes; religion – you’re Hindu, I’m from a conservative christian family and you know it will never work out in a country that can’t tolerate these things and we know how our parents are although we can work after this hurdle; Crap you gave me – I could stay with you even with all the crap you give me, I love you, and it didn’t matter much because I know how you love me; my career – I’m sorry to say this now but you were in my way and being with you indirectly was affecting my productivity, it wouldn’t have if you didn’t give me all the crap; lifestyle – you have a good lifestyle and I don’t spend much and going out with you made me spend a lot even if you tried to help me save by spending yourself, I couldn’t adjust with you, I needed money to save but I couldn’t with you around; and there are some more that I don’t want to bring up but these are the basic reasons. I know they could be resolved, I could give you one more chance, I could make changes and make things work, baby but I can’t go against my parents right now. Nor can I put my career at the stake in any way possible.

    (i just got a text from you, it made me smile)

    Sorry. I still love you but I’m not ready for a relation. Breaking up the was toughest thing I ever did with you. I know it hurt, you know how? it hurt like crazy to me too. I still think of you everyday. Thank you for the letter you gave me the next day, I did thank you, didn’t I? Anyway, I read it occasionally and it makes cry that someone would love me so badly. I don’t know if anyone will love me as much as you do and I’m sure I’ll regret this years later but parents say no, so does everybody I know because ‘you know why’.

    You know baby, I still remember how we used to make out and love each other. Just beautiful. The beautiful places we went. The amazing times we had. The hill, the riverside (our weed spot), the parks, the zoo, million of restaurants, and all that. It might have cost us a lost in this venture of ours but baby, they are priceless memories and experiences. I can’t thank you enough for giving me all that, all that no one ever gave me.

    Fucking love you baby. I’m a coward just as you called me that and I’m sorry that I can’t go against everybody I know just for the sake of you. You matter a lot but it won’t work baby. It will work after a huge bag of hurdles but I don’t want hurdles right now while building my career or during these crucial years. You get it? I can’t tell you all these in person because I’m scared I might fall in love? Anyway, baby, take care. I’m sorry for the tears and for everything. I know it’s really selfish of me and I’m ashamed of myself. Sorry.

    Love, Your Potato. :)


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    Do you still think about me and miss our times together? If you think about me kissing you, or the way I looked in your eyes with so much intensity and passion, or the way I sang to you , does it make your heart skip? Does it give you butterflies? I would go through your hurting me all over again to have the chance to hold you one more time.

    Don’t believe what anyone else says. Talk to me

    Ron I miss u

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    Ron I miss you so much. I am sorry I didn’t call when I said I would. I had no idea that you would cut me out of your life so completely. We were friends and lovers for almost 12 years, and in 3 weeks you are completely done with me. I asked and begged you to call, and of course you don’t, you won’t.

    It has been 4 months now and it just doesn’t get better. I understand you have moved on, but did you have to be so harsh with me? Couldn’t you have at least half-heartedly taken a phone call, just to be nice. I just wanted to stay friends. Friends that don’t have to talk or see each other, but not hated. I feel so awful that it has ended so bad.

    You didn’t have to grind me into the dust. Is that the only way you can deal with saying goodbye, just don’t? Didn’t I mean anything at all? I wanted to think so, but I know now in my heart, I was a fool. I was never anything to you, nothing at all.


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    You will know this is written for you. When your beautiful green eyes scroll across these words, your heart will flutter, as will your stomach, and, with guilty pleasure, you will reminisce, for a moment, of the way you felt when you were with me. When you loved me. When you told me you were happier than ever.

    I have to say this for closure. I never sent you those horrible messages. She did (from my phone). I’m sorry that it happened. I’m sorry you were hurt. I’m sorry you don’t love me the way I love you.

    Still here,


    P.S. Flowers? Really? You hate getting flowers. You said it yourself they’re lame. How about a song?


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    I know my actions made me a jackass. I’m sorry. I could never hate you or even think about fooling you. You are far too intelligent, for starters. I just need help from someone I can trust; someone who won’t just take it and run with it. I enjoyed our most-recent banter. You have a quick wit. But, that’s as far as things go which, I realize, is prfobably my fault. I admit that I had some things to work out first.