• you know what’s coming next

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    you know i’m right

    i’m glad that i met you.
    i will never forget you.

    but i want more
    you know

    you know i’m right

    i’m glad the i met you.
    i will never forget you.

    but i want more
    you choose to ignore

    no, we have to stop


    The longer we wait
    the worse it’ll become.

    With love only

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    will you believe if i say my first wake up thought is you, when i open my eyes all i do is reach for you and your touch.
    will you believe if i tell my last thought before hitting bed is also you,i blow a kiss with a wish everyday.
    will you believe if i say though i don’t keep you close, even though can’t look at you at my wish yet i don’t have to memorise anything about you, every detail of yours is inscribed within.
    will you believe if i say it hurts bad because i cant see you whenever i want, i try hard to resist not to look but every time i fail miserably so sneak in through.
    will you believe if i say i do want to keep you close to me but i purposely don’t because i believe every time i came close to you, real distance grew. It brought in between so much space i don’t feel it will ever lessen.
    will you believe if i say i so hate the screen in between, yet not willing to tear it off cause i fear i might be wrong in reading lines. i hate my mind for making me always drive in reverse gear.
    will you believe if i say my heart feels lonely without you yet i don’t have the courage of trying to see what is what.
    will you believe if i say i have designed my small world in my own way, every day i kill my desires, pray i don’t commit any blunder out of restlessness that might bother you.
    will you trust me if i say i really try to be strong but everyday i fail so i take this as my escape route for reaching your heart please don’t deny me this ever, with my words i breathe with you a bond of togetherness i feel.
    will you promise me something if i say please don’t break this illusion even if i am million miles away from real circumstances, this is how i console my heart playing a truth and dare game.
    The seed that was planted long before has come up with green leaves i water them everyday and wish to see it growing till my last breath.

    last post for u

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    This is too long to be thinking about someone u can never be with. Whatever it was wrapping em all and hopefully shall lock them away never to open. U r awesome and i am sure you know it. I will always respect u but I have let u to stay in my mind more than what I should have. U never replied to a simple hello so enough making a fool of self. Hope u enjoy the new heights of tower you have built for self with your ego and pride.