• I wish you were imperfect

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    If you were imperfect, maybe i could of had a chance. But you’re not, you are perfect.
    I know all the things you think of me, telling you i love you when i was with someone.
    But i never tried to bed you, i told you because of the fear, fear of never telling you.
    For had you actually been with someone, of course i would never have told you, and you were looking. Now maybe you found someone.
    Just like you deserve i hope.
    I hope he loves you as i do, unconditionally, wakes up beside you ecstatic because he is with you, hears your husky little voice, remember i once said about that to you?
    I think you thought i was belittling you, i wasn’t, i think you have the sexiest voice i have ever heard. And it always made me so happy to hear it.
    A smile, such a smile, it is like someone turned the sun on in the middle of the darkest storm, and the clouds vanish, birds sing and the air is sweet smelling.

    Does he know you are perfect, does he see it?
    I hope so.
    Will he really lay down and die for you, face his darkest fears for you, i hope so.

    You are so amazing you deserve this and more.
    I wish i could earn the karma that would see you give me a chance to be in your life again, although i am greedy and selfish so that can never be, greedy and selfish because i truly wish i could tear off this face and be as handsome to you as you are beautiful to me.
    Did you really get it? When i look at you, of course there never ever ever could be anyone.
    This would sound silly but you know what i’d love, is to be with you and have loads of women come on to me, not for my ego, but so i could say “No thank you, have you seen my wife?” because you know that you are the only one.

    I haven’t stopped thinking nor writing about you. I never will, i love you no matter what and i will stop when all awareness of you stops, if it is when i die, then it will be on that day, if we have a soul that lives on, then i will take upon me your sins to see you go only to heaven if you have sinned at all, and i will love eternally.

    N. I am here any day any night, any month or year, call,email, whatever, i will run to you.
    Always remember you are perfect my darling. Never doubt yourself, all you are is perfect, not just for your phenomenal beauty but your mind too, you deserve to be happy, i hope that you truly are, and me i shall, being selfish, pray and wish every day you could love me, but also, i shall because i love without condition, hope you wake every day, happy and achieving all your dreams.
    I love you with all that i am because of all that you are.

    Happy Birthday N

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    well, i know i’m not allowed as i said to send you message but i still have my hidden ways to be exist in this great day sweetheart, even i love you secretly now N but, i never forget your birthday:) and with clean heart i wish you a happy birthday day i wish you enjoy your new life god bless you both you and your new bf, may god send you all the best Amin.

    Happy Unforgettable Birthday My ….


    You’re pathetic

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    Buddying up with someone you think is close to me isn’t the way to get back into my life. Your childish games and cowardice are two of the main reasons I don’t want you in my life. If you want back into my life then face me like a grown woman, tell the truth, take responsibility for what you’ve done and do what you can to make things right and undo as much of the damage as possible. Then and only then will I even consider letting you be a part of my life. Showing the same cowardice you always have sure isn’t the way to do it.

    Also she and I aren’t close. I’ve not even seen her in about 20 years, so you’ve latched onto the wrong person. She’s a good person though and doesn’t deserve to be used like you use everyone else. I hope you come to realize what a true friend she can be and don’t just crap on her when you realize she can’t help you get to me or when she cares enough to be honest with you when she see’s you ruining your life rather than cheer on your bad decisions and give you sympathy for the problems you’ve caused yourself, like all the other idiots you surround yourself with who are only using you like you use them.

    I feel lonely but I don’t need anyone

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    Dear Friend,
    So much has been through.
    I don’t want to talk about it. after some weeks of rage, I start to feel lonely again. But I am not as weak as before. And I have stopped hoping for help or understanding.
    Well. At least now nobody gives me black faces.
    I just hope I can get some good rest.
    I hope I can make myself happy.


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    We lay in the dark,

    Cause We’ve got nothing to say.

    Just the beating of hearts,

    Like two drums in the grey.

    I don’t know what We’re doing,

    I don’t know what We’ve done.

    But the fire is coming,

    So I think We should run.

    Really need some help

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    I’ve been married for almost two years now.. I love my wife more than anyone… But recently I was messaged by an old girlfriend who I was crazy in love with just wanting me to know she was happy for me (That’s all she said). We haven’t spoken for at least 4 years after she left for a guy on the east coast. I don’t think it means anything significant, but my head is all mixed up now.. I can’t stop thinking about the past and, you know, all that stuff..

    I need some help.. I can’t talk to anyone about this. I could always talk to my wife, but I know it won’t come out right and I might hurt her feelings or something. This girl is a poison.. I just wish she left me alone. I just want my head right again.

    Can anyone give me some advice?