• You’re Such An Ass!

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    Dear Farmville,
    You stole my wife from me, and I know you don’t even feel bad about it! Every evening, she’s with you. When she’s not with you, she’s talking about you. She cares more about a ‘Lost Lonely Bull’ that she does about her lost lonely husband. You sir, have won the blue ribbon for being an ass!

    Grandma Joyce

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    Dear Grandma,
    You are one classic BITCH. I’ve always wanted to say that to your scrunched up apple face but, out of respect that you don’t deserve, I

    You were a lousy mother in law to my mom. You opened her fucking
    wedding gifts while they were on their honeymoon, for fuck’s sake!!
    You’re not a privileged woman, and you never were, so why have you
    always acted like you were entitled? Poor Grandpa. He lovingly put up
    with you all those years and indulged your every whim. I’ve always been surprised at the number of wealthy friends you’ve had over the years. You’ve always been such a poser.

    You are dying a lonely, old woman.

    One word: KARMA.

    Shouldn’t have

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    Dear Friend;

    I’m sorry! I truly am. Everything I do hurts you, makes you worry.
    Even if I tell you to stop and don’t worry about. You still do. You
    were/are the first person out of all my friends I truly loved. Not as
    a friend. I try leaving you’re side. But you keep dragging me back in.
    If you weren’t my best friend I would have jsut walked away. But I
    can’t just watch from the side lines while you hurt you’re self.
    Especially over me.

    I don’t deserve it. I know I don’t deserve the care you are giving me.
    You know my faults, I hurt, manipulate, lie, cheat and steal. I have
    sex with random strangers because I want to fell good. But that’s my
    life. I never wanted you into it. That’s when you met her. Shes cool.
    I even like her. But shes bringing you into something I never wanted
    to bring you into. Her party are more laid back then mine were and
    ever will be.

    Sometimes I think “I can’t do this.” But I will learn to cope. Even if
    it fells like I’m loosing my best friend. And there’s nothing I can do
    about it.

    You’re best friend; always and forever

    Things never said

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    Dear mom;

    Why do you constituency do things that annoy me. Like when you’re mad,
    you don’t talk about anything. Just like yesterday, when I came home late. You locked you’re self in you’re bedroom, which clearly says “FUCK OFF.” Why are you so childish that we can’t talk about simple things. You yell, you are always stressed and you’re only nice a couple days, then BAM being a bitch again.

    I love you, but you are totally retarded sometimes. And you don’t like
    gossiping, that’s such a load of crap. You have no idea. You gossip about us kids and not in a good way. I try helping you, but you are so screwed up, just like our family. Everything is so, garrr. I just want to leave and never come back.

    You didn’t even do anything when you knew our brother was abusing us.
    What I think is sick is that you told my sister that you never loved her because she looked like her dad. A 5 year old is never going to forget that. Shes 8 years older then I am and she told me.

    P.S: Mother darling, you will never be number one in my heart. You and my brother made me into what I am into today. There’s so much more I want to tell you. That will have to wait.

    you’re loving daughter


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    ANNOYED sister

    Let me BE! JUST because I don’t want to play with you EVERY minute of EVERY day doesn’t mean that you can sit there staring at me, yelling at me, and generally making me want to SLAP you!!! There is a REASON that I don’t want to be around you!!! I DON’T want to hear your whiny little voice, I DON’T want to look at your putrid little face, and I DON’T want to feel your BEADY little eyes STARING at my back all day!!!



    TAKE A HINT!!!

    Today I’m a Bitch

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    No good reason. You’re all just driving me nuts. I’d like to tell the world to FUCK OFF. No offense.