• Dear Friends and Family,

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    If I die of a heart attack at 87 and one of you finds my body, please set the stage to look like I died of auto-erotic asphyxiation. Yes, it won’t be pleasant for you to handle my dead corpse, but it would be so awesome for everybody else to think I had a dark side at 87.

    Mary Jane

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    To my dearest friend and soul mate,

    Though I left you some 4 years ago, I think about you night and day.
    You gave me happiness, and I threw it all away for a relationship that
    tore you and I apart. She said she was cool with you… that the three
    of us would live happily ever after. And I let her manipulate me;
    destroying the connection we had built upon for so many years. This
    kind of love can’t just be for fairytales, so I hope you’re there for
    me when I return.

    Dear Family.

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    LEAVE ME ALONE!!! i know yo all love me but let me make my own
    decisions! I’m old enough to take care of myself! quit pestering me
    and just leave me alone. if i don’t want to go to church. i wont you
    cant make me go. I’ll spend my own money on whatever i want to! I’ll
    watch and read what i want. your not in charge of my life! JUST BACK
    OFF!!!!! mom quit talking shit about dad. dad quit talking shit about
    mom. i dont care if your divorced. grow up and act your age!

    Just because we are related does not mean we are friends

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    Dear Uncle,

    We may be friends on Facebook but I actually only accepted the request
    out of pity and guilt at being related. I honestly thought that I
    would be left alone. But you comment on my status updates, some of my
    posts, and you facebook chatted me the other day to invite me to play
    Camelot with you?!? I am not your best friend. Nor do I enjoy being
    your niece honestly because you do not seem to understand the
    generational boundaries between you and I. I would appreciate being
    left alone but your most recent comment has driven me to email your
    sister, my mother, to tell you to stop because even though we are
    facebook friends, I do not want to deal with you.

    This is my explanation for putting you on super limited profile.
    Now leave me alone.

    Your Over Analysis Is Not Necessary

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    Dear Duet Partner,

    Although I think you have a great voice and great potential, you drive
    me up the walls when we practice. We do not need to block every single
    movement. I feel like if I don’t reign you in we would end up blocking
    every bat of an eyelash. Our hour and a half rehearsal today was an
    hour too long. Did we really need to spend twenty minutes discussing
    how to walk to a bench? Although you seem really dedicated to getting
    the piece right with accents and blocking, it is a bit excessive.
    Personally, I don’t want to look like a robot performing or
    over-rehearsed. If you would have listened to my advice about just
    letting some of the movements happen rather than marking it in your
    music (which we aren’t even using since we perform tomorrow) then
    maybe the scene wouldn’t feel so stale. I can not handle the
    micro-management of your version of blocking because I feel like the
    scene has lost all life. Let the over analysis and insecurities go.
    There is honestly no point in dissecting the scene into such a way
    that is no longer a scene but just a bunch of lines with transitions
    like a slideshow. No offense, but I can’t wait for this to be over.

    Your duet partner

    This Friendship Needs Clarification

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    Dear Friend,

    I’m not entirely sure if I am supposed to write this. Or send it.
    But I know I’ll at least write it out to get it out because I am a
    small person and having thoughts in my head isn’t always

    I’m also not sure exactly what I ought to write. I think I’ll just
    be frank. I’m writing this in hopes that you can reconfirm what
    I’ve said or correct it. So reconfirm or correct.

    I know I ought not to over think anything, but I do. I don’t try to
    make assumptions.

    I feel a huge, uncomfortable balance in our friendship. I feel like I
    made this mistake of valuing our friendship too much. This is where
    you could correct. I’m going to tell you why because perhaps I just
    see things weird. This will give you the opportunity to say, “Whoa,
    Georgia, chill.” Or give you the opportunity to say, “Lay off.”

    This letter has been composed in my head as I’ve ridden the bus. I
    think I need to get it out so I can stop thinking about it.

    I’ve come to consider you a close friend. Step beyond acquaintance.
    I’m able to relax, let my guard down with you. I can make music, I
    can hear music. Your one of the more real people out there and it’s
    refreshing. I can sit in a Jack in the Box parking lot with you and
    eat tacos. Ok, I guess I could do that with other people but I
    haven’t felt the need to.

    Here is what makes me think I ought to give you more space.

    I can remember once when you took the initiation to hang out – and
    that was for the cello part before I went.

    Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, it would be great if I was. I
    feel like I need to express these insecurities. I communicate. You
    need to tell me if I need to back off and stop hanging out with you.
    That would be a lot better for me than me being uncertain if I was
    being obnoxious and a burden.

    I currently have nothing to loose. Nothing. It’s not like I see you

    I’m telling you this so you know how it comes across to me. That you
    would rather not see me. What do I do with friends? I hang out with
    them. That is all it is. I’m a social person. I enjoy spending time
    with people. You are one of the few people left in Moscow, it would
    make sense to me if I saw you once in 3-6 weeks. I might as well be
    back in Austria. I see Emily from Olympia more than you. That’s
    around an hour trip each way.

    Anyways, now you know. It frustrates me.

    You can pretty much write out either:

    a) Yeah. Georgia. Back-off. You’re getting on my nerves.
    b) You people of the opposite gender are just too analytical.
    c) I am antisocial and think that hanging out is weird

    Please communicate, it would me a lot to me. I’m not one for feeling
    like I need to confront people but you are extremely confusing. I
    can’t really read people well so now I wonder if I was boring you to
    death when we did hang out. Was I bugging you to oblivion to the point
    where you didn’t ever think, “Golly gee whiz, maybe I’ll see if
    my friend can play today.”

    Speak up. I want closure or continuous – but none of this luke-warm