• My head!

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    Dear school mates-

    Do you think that just this once, you could stop with the tapping on
    the desks, the popping of the gum, and the whispering to your friends?
    My head hurts, and I think that if I hear one more girly giggle, I am
    going to bring out the duct tape.

    Dear teachers-

    My hand has been raised for 15 minutes now, and still your eyes pass
    over me. I am NOT insisible, and I KNOw you can see me! To my fourth
    period teacher, F-OFF! I am TRYING to get my work done correctly, and
    everytime I am actually PROUD of it, I find out that something ELSE is
    wrong with it and I have to redo it. It has gotten to the point where
    I am disgusted by the look of my powerpoint.

    Dear Best Friend,

    NO… I do NOT want to get up from my comfy seat on the ground to
    walk with you to get YOUR chips, or skittles, or soda, or coffee that
    I KNOW you won’t share with me. Sharing is caring dude…

    Dear Mom,

    I love you… don’t change. You are the only constant thing in my
    day, and you make me so happy with the kind things that you say to me
    to lift my spirits. I want you to know how muuch I appreciate you, and
    how much I love you.

    It’s better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission. ~ Some Idiot

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    Ok, whoever believes that idiot phrase is a moron and whoever LIVES that phrase is an asshole.

    “Permission” means that you are getting someone’s agreement on a decision.  If this decision affects that person’s life, then it is the RESPONSIBILITY of the person to ask for permission from their partner.  At that time the two can hash it out.  Say one wins, won loses, or both come to a mutual understanding at LEAST it is understood that there is a partnership.

    “Forgiveness” infers that the person KNEW they were going against the other person’s wishes and just did it anyway – because the INDIVIDUAL’S goals were more important than the PARTNERSHIP’S goals.  It also lends a lack of cajones because obviously if this person had any they would fight for their individual wants and make it clear that they’re getting it anyway.

    So when someone “begs forgiveness”so blatantly how does do you maintain the partnership?

    Honestly, I don’t have a clue.  If any of you have gone through this I would certainly love your opinion.


    The Other Half of the Partnership

    NOW I’m pissed!

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    It is time to apply what I have learned from “The BITCH”.

    You contacted me about a month ago saying how sorry you were for how YOU ended things, and that you were going to try and fix them. I meekly told YOU that I was upset because of your habit of contacting me, and then being AWOL for WEEKS. Well… you told me that you would e-mail me everyday, and prove to me that you could be responsible, and that I could count on you. We kept it up for a while, and it was fun! We had two conversations going everyday…one serious, and the other flirty, and cute.

    I ignorantly started to fall for you again when you told me how much you missed me. Well…you told me that a month ago… it is really funny if you think about it. You are showing me JUST how much you care, and how much you TRULY missed me.

    Well…I just waned to tell you here first before I tell you in real life that I don’t need you in my life screwing up my head, and I don’t need you e-mailing me mixing up my feelings. In short, I DON’T NEED YOU, AND YOU CAN TAKE YOUR APOLOGIES, AND GO SHOVE THEM WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE!

    My mother once told me that actions speak louder than words, but I have found something out… it is truly what you DON’T do that speaks loudest of all.

    Oh my goodness… I feel so much BETTER now!!


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    What’s up with all these season and series finales? Do the writers delight in making me cry? I’m not a crier. I cry maybe once a year and usually only at funerals. But I’ve got to tell you, the end of “LOST” had me sobbing, the end of “GREY’S” had me nearly hysterical and then, to top it all off, I even had tears for “24”. What is wrong with you people? I watch TV to avoid these types of feelings. I don’t want to cry when I watch TV. I want to escape and smile and laugh and be captivated by fantasy and creativity. What’s wrong with Jack and Kate just getting off the island and have lots of babies? Or Grey’s interns getting wounded, but not killed. Or 24 just coming up with a new terrorist plot for next season? C’mon, I count on you TV writers to keep me happy, not cause me to go to bed with red eyes and a stuffy nose. Get back to work. I expect better next season!

    The Bitch is Bitching….

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    Dear Bitch,

    You know, I’ve been attending boot camp regularly. I read and re-read the lesson plan and then each day I try to put my learning to use. No use until last Thursday. Last Thursday, I was no longer the B.I.T. (Bitch in training), I was the Bitch’s sister or cousin or muse or whatever. I stood up, stood my ground, told off and basically just said some things that needed to be said. In fact, it was quite simple to do, but I have to admit, I would not have been able to do it without boot camp. So, here’s to the Bitch….long may she reign and long may she continue as seargent major!

    To My Sanctuary

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    It’s funny how you meet someone and you never can truly anticipate the effect they will have on your life…could be that they have no effect at all. You meet them for a second, and then they are gone without a second thought or meeting. That’s it. You? I never would have guessed you could make me feel so happy. But here I am. You carried me out of this little hole of self-pity and misery, and reminded me of how amazing I am. You are incredible. You are my hero. Now for the cheese: You are my sanctuary. I can tell you anything because I know you will listen. I can be silly, I can be sweet, I can be sentimental, I can be cruel, I can be myself. It’s amazing….thank you.