• i love you and you love paul simon

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    and i don’t even know you and it’s fine. and i probably don’t love you but i might someday. either way, you’re fantastic. i know a lot of people think this, and i’m just one more, but i mean it. a lot.


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    It frustrates me that I care
    If frustrates me that I have this desire
    It frustrates me that I hurt not knowing how you are
    It frustrates me that I became attached to you
    It frustrates me that I trust you
    It frustrates me that I am so close to finding the truth on my own
    It frustrates me that I can’t let go without knowing
    It frustrates me that I love you

    Dear my Poms Coach Nicole

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    Dear Nicole,
    I am quitting poms simply because i hate it. ITS WHACK! 9 HOURS A WEEK OF MY LIFE I COULD USE DOING SOMETHING ELSE! we aren’t allowed to do dance classes either. DO YOU WANT MY SOUL TOO? you yell at me because i can’t do the splits or kick high or remember stuff. I DONT REMEMBER STUFF BECAUSE I TELL YOU I’M GOING TO BE GONE ~ YOU TEACH THE MOST IMPORTANT STUFF! you always yell at me because no one will say something because i’m worthless to them.
    I’m quitting.


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    if i quit my mother wont let me go to church which by the way i LOVE
    going too!!

    I want to be loved

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    You touch me, and sometimes, you make me feel like a whore. All you do is say “hey sexy”, but it doesn’t even make me feel like the feeling other beautiful girls feel when their boyfriends tell them they’re beautiful. Every time you lay your hand on my thigh moving it higher, it makes me feel like I’m not important to you or to any one else, and that’s not even the worst feeling i ever got. Not being loved is a horrible feeling. I see other girls held from the waist by their loved ones, and it just brings me down, i try to hide it with a smile, but it never works. I had many loved ones, and none of them ever made me feel that way. I try to make myself think I’m loved by some one in the world who will love me for who i am, but I’m not sure if that person exists or they’re just in my dreams. And sometimes I wish I would fall asleep and never wake up, just to feel like every girl should feel “beautiful and loved”. If i found that special person out there, i hope that person will make me feel special. Every time I look in the mirror, i see a girl who’s not a very happy person. I feel like I’m crap, not important. Later at night i cry myself to sleep, feeling worthless.

    I just wany to be loved.