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    ANNOYED sister

    Let me BE! JUST because I don’t want to play with you EVERY minute of EVERY day doesn’t mean that you can sit there staring at me, yelling at me, and generally making me want to SLAP you!!! There is a REASON that I don’t want to be around you!!! I DON’T want to hear your whiny little voice, I DON’T want to look at your putrid little face, and I DON’T want to feel your BEADY little eyes STARING at my back all day!!!



    TAKE A HINT!!!

    Today I’m a Bitch

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    No good reason. You’re all just driving me nuts. I’d like to tell the world to FUCK OFF. No offense.

    obnoxious LOUD guy

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    How can you be so loud? My brain hurts at the end of the day, having to share an office with you. EVERYTHING you do is LOUD. You CHEW loud. You TALK loud. You even TURN PAGES loud. How is that even possible?

    Four words: SHUT THE HELL UP.

    I miss you momma!

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    We live in the same house, but I feel as though we are miles apart! I know that you probably don’t think so, but you DO choose favorites…at least in MY opinion. You chose my little sister over me ALL the time, and it is really depressing.

    It goes from the BIG things like taking her out for a girls night while leaving me at home and then not reciprocating, to the little things, like making me move from my spot on the couch so that SHE can be next to you.

    It seems really petty, but ALL I want is either a conformation, or a girls night out.

    When you get overprotective, it isn’t you getting closer to me. You may be getting physically closer, but not mentally. We need to help each other to find a balance.

    I wish that someday you will see this letter, and maybe you will, but I just don’t have the strength to tell you what I need.

    I can’t breathe

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    Every since I can remember, you have always been there for me, always looked after me, but now, you are beginning to smother me with your motherly ways. I can understand if you don’t want to let me grow up, but it is a natural thing. People grow…you had to, and now it is my turn.

    You need to understand that I need to be able to make my own mistakes…not learn them from you.

    I am almost 18 now, and you are still treating me like I am 5. I love you SO much, but I can’t have you breathing down my neck.

    I am growing up as much as you would rather not hear it, I am having a good time with it. I am making my way through life now, and you need to let me be free.

    I need to live my own life.

    Hidden Feelings

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    i cant stand it. i look at you everyday and think the same thing, why
    cant i be with you? i wish i was brave enough to tell you how i feel.
    do you feel the same way towards me? i wish i knew. it kills me that i
    have to wake up everyday and wonder the same thing. i think about you
    everyday. why is love so confusing? i wish i could know.