• You

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    All I wanted was you. I still only want you. I can’t see myself with anybody else. I can’t picture my life without you. When you met me I had just gone through a bad break up, so had you. So I didn’t really want to comit to anything. I didn’t want you to be a rebound and I didn’t want to just use you. Even though I kissed you I couldn’t promise anything.I told myself that I would see if the feelings I thought I had for you were true, by waiting to see if they quickly went away. I even went on a few dates to see if I fell for these guys. I didn’t. All I could think about was you. Every day you’re on my mind. Sometimes I find myself smiling and I realize it’s because I’m thinking about you and the crazy stories you told me. I know now that I love you, I did all along. I know now that you’re the one I want to be with and live my life with. I want to be apart of your life and apart of your 4 kids life. I want to be the girl you come home to. The one by your side. The one who supports you. The one you say I love you to and kiss goodnight. I want to be the girl in your arms, and I am willing to do whatever it is I have to do to be that girl for you. I love you.

    Get out

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    Why do you insist on starting a fight all the time? Why do you plan on how to make my day a living hell? Why is it that I am not good enough working and going to school full time, as well as looking after my boyfriend and our son.

    I’m 19, do you remember when you were that age? There is nothing fun about it and you just keep making it worse.

    I’M GOING CRAZY WITH YOU INSIDE MY HEAD! leave me alone, can’t you see that nothing you do is good for me?

    We’re leaving, this stupid house. This painful life. I’m gone and when you decide that you finally miss your grandson it will be too late because I hate this state almost as much as you’ve made me hate YOU.


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    I am about to free myself from all encumbrances, with the exception of my job, providing myself shelter, finishing my degree, etc. I’ll actually be able to support myself. I have wanted to do this for YEARS. I made hard choices and struggled to get to this point.

    Why am I suddenly overwhelmed and scared?

    BITCH Bootcamp: Week 12: GRADUATION

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    Well ladies, it’s here. YOU, the faithful attendees, have completed 12 weeks of bootcamp! Can you believe it? Let’s take a look back your progress, and remember what to strive for moving forward:

    Weeks ONE and TWO: Some simple exercises to prep you for the weeks to come
    Week THREE: Affirming those around you, good or bad
    Week FOUR: Put your foot down and make others pick up the slack
    Week FIVE: Take time for YOU
    Week SIX: Ass whooping as only The BITCH could give
    Week SEVEN: Define the Bitch in YOU
    Week EIGHT: What a Bitch DOESN’T do
    Week NINE: Practice what you preach
    Week TEN: The seven habits of a highly effective Bitch
    Week ELEVEN: Trust your instincts

    Through it all, I hope you’ve learned to stand a little taller and laugh a little louder. I hope you continue down the road to living your life to its fullest, with honesty and integrity! And don’t worry, just because bootcamp is over, don’t think I’ll forget about you… we’ll have mini sessions from time to time, and of course I’m always here to encourage and support you when you need it.

    I’m so proud of each and every one of you that took steps toward being a thoughtful, empowered, self-caring woman – a true BITCH. Welcome to the club ladies!

    The BITCH.

    String Puppet ? I think NOT !

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    I can’t believe that you had me on a string and i didn’t realize it. You had me thinking that there was something wrong with me all along. Well you can go suck your self cuz i refuse to be used only when it’s convenient to you. Lose my number. Forget i exist. ON TO THE NEXT ONE

    Help a girl out here.

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    I either have cancer or a god damned ulcer. I simply cannot continue to worry about something that I have no control over.

    If I quit my job and lose my house I am fucked.

    If I stay in my job and keep dealing with this constant bullshit, it is going to kill me.

    Maybe this ulcer/cancer is giving me the answer that I have been searching for.

    To make the pain stop I need to make the pain stop…by leaving this horrible fucking job.

    But what if the pain gets worse?