• So far away from me

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    I guess I just don’t get it. You talk so much shit about her for years. She’s your best friend’s girl. What are you thinking? Have you completely compromised your morals? It hurts me so much that you are still there. That you went at all. I hate you for it. I don’t understand it. And how about all of the promises you made me. Was all of that lies? I know people grow up people grow apart, but seriously? I’m not saying I’m perfect either. I know I have made plenty of mistakes but I never left you behind. States away all by yourself. You promised. I guess that’s what hurts the worst. It’s your word and how it means absolutely nothing because you didn’t stay true to it. It makes me question everything you ever said to me. It hurts me so much. We were supposed to make it work. It was like that, where you always go back. That meant to be shit. I hate you. I want to forgive you. But you’re not coming back. You’re staying in Florida with another girl. I’m sick. This is sick.


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    You stupid bitch. You deserve to die. Literally. You are the scum of the earth and you never deserved me, or any of the people who cared about you. I know one day you’re gonna OD on pills, the damage you’re doing and have done will catch up with you and that day can’t come soon enough. I won’t go to your funeral.


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    I’m done. So very, very done.
    I’m done listening to all of everyones problems.
    I’m done listening about how hard work is.
    I’m done listening about how your boyfriend flirted with that girl.
    I’m done listening to how your new car isn’t good enough.
    I’m done listening about how you didn’t get to go on that trip to the Bahamas.
    I’m done listening about how you can’t afford those new shoes.

    I’m done listening to all of your other dumb shit.

    But most of all, I’m done listening to you complain that there are no
    good guys in the world and they all suck, when I’m clearly proving you wrong.
    Its 4am and I just spent two hours on the phone listening to your problems.

    Sometimes I need someone to talk to. Someone to listen to me, and not just wait for their turn to talk.

    I’m done.

    I will always be here for you.

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    Dear Mom,

    I know that you have been working extremely hard lately; your job is unbelievably stressful, we (the kids) don’t help out around the house as much as we should, and other factors that are currently unknown to me, but I just want to let you know just how much you mean to me.

    Right now, we are sitting on your bed on our respective computers, and I am just thinking about how lucky I am to have you.

    To list a few:

    • You care about me more than anyone else on the planet.
    • I can always come to you without fear of judgment, or dismissal… all of my problems are important to you… not matter how small.
    • Your laugh is contagious, and I can’t help but giggle when I hear you laugh, which only makes it funnier, because my laugh is identical to yours.
    • Your little problems aren’t problems at all… usually your problems are just a way to make me laugh, and learn from your everyday mistakes.
    • When you tell a joke, you don’t just tell it… you live it, and pull the listeners in to live it with you.
    • You don’t know this, but when we stay up late at night (like now) not really doing anything, but giggling like best friends, I feel the closest to you. Secretly, I call these times my sleep-deprived-giggle-fests… it is when you are so tired, that anything, and anyone seems funny.
    • You take an interest in all of the things I do. I could tell you that I wanted to go bungee jumping, and the next day, you would strap on a harness, and show me tickets for bungee jumping at noon.
    • Your feet are ticklish… I don’t know why I put that here, but it (for some strange reasons) is one of the things that I love about you.
    • I hate the way you tease me all the time, but secretly, it makes me happy knowing that you notice the little things that I say or do.
    • You love to sing… that is one of the reasons that we are so compatible… you can burst into song, and I will always be right there with you… holding your hand, and doing a step-ball-change in time with the music.
    • You are always the life of the party… HELL… you are not just the life, but the soul, body, and the very essence of the party. You start to dance, and soon, everyone is out there on the dance floor shaking their tail feathers in a circle around you.

    Listen… I know how much you love this site, so I know that soon, you will be reading this, and wondering if it was meant for you. It WAS momma, and I honestly just want to tell you how special you are to me. I want you to trust that I will always be there for you… holding your hand, laughing along with you, or dancing with you in a crowded place 😉

    I love you mom
    – Your daughter

    if only you knew

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    i am so sorry that i did everything to you that had just been done to me. i never loved you as much as you loved me, even though i said i did. everytime i held you in my arms and i said i love you i was thinking of him. everytime you asked me where my mind wandered off to be in bed or what i was thinking of, it was always the ex. the truth is, you just were a little too small, and you won’t ever make as much money as he does. i know it sounds so awful but i don’t want to struggle with bills and i don’t want sex to feel like charity. you were basically a really long rebound. i was cheating from day 1. sometimes twice a day. the passcode on my phone was for the reasons you thought. i think your friends are a pathetic group of rag tag freaks and misfits. you on the other hand are such a nice guy that i had to break up with you before you got hurt or before being with me made you into the worst thing you could become … just like me