• I miss you.

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    You cheated me, lied to me, went behind my back and told her you still loved her. I wish I was strong, when I told you never to speak to me again, I meant it, but only because I can’t ignore you. The second you came back into my life I fell to pieces all over again. I miss my best friend, and I’d do anything to go back and change so you never wanted to do this to me. I can’t trust you, and things will never be the same.  But I just can’t let go.

    I’ll love you forever.

    What happened?

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    In the short time I knew you we grew close, or so I thought. We chatted about anything and everything, when we were together we couldn’t keep our hands off each other, you made me smile and gave me butterflies. When we were apart we longed to be together. We got on so well. What happened? You just cut me off without a word. Not even a goodbye or a reason. I feel lost without you. I just wish you’d talk to me and we could laugh at silly stuff and get drunk and listen to music again. I miss you 🙁

    Unfulfilled Love

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    Dear Professor,

    I know it’s inappropriate for me to think so much about you, but I can’t stop. Somehow you’ve touched my heart. I think it’s because I get the feeling you truly understand me, see to the bottom of me, and all this without talking. All I have to do is to look you in the eye and my heart springs to life; I feel my heart pounding, my eyes linked to your eyes and if you wouldn’t have broken the contact every time, I think I never could have.

    But you know what the odd thing is, besides the fact, that you understand me and can look into my soul like noone else, I also know that you want completely different things from life than I do, have completely different views on many subjects than I do. It’s like our hearts are linked and understand each other, but our minds cannot. And therefore we can never be together, because every deeper connection made between us, would only separate us, and leave grief, or maybe even hate. I don’t want that, I rather go on dreaming of a different reality, where we can be together.

    So maybe in another life I will hold you, kiss you, call you my husband….
    until then goodbye my love, goodbye.


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    I lost you just a few weeks ago, I know you want to be with me but this is not the right time, I want to hold you, kiss you, share my time with you, but you don’t love me anymore, I miss you so much and it hurts.

    I hope we meet again someday, when the time is right to be together once more, for good.

    good luck soulmate


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    Dear Boy,

    When I look at you my heart still skips a beat, and sometimes you still take my breath away.  Just things are changing lately, and it’s happening really fast. We hardly talk anymore and when we do talk it ends up in a fight. I try to bring myself to say the words we need to end, and I always get so close to forming the words, but then the thought of you being with another girl enters my head, and it kills me. I can’t imagine you sharing inside jokes, or on the spot trips/adventures with someone else, but mostly it kills me to think that you will kiss another girl. I know that I am selfish for thinking this, because you would want me to be happy with someone else, but it would kill me if you were with someone else. But, I can’t handle what’s been happening in this past few weeks. Your temper has been scaring the crap out of me. The expression on your face is like you could kill someone, and I am afraid that one day, you will release your temper on me. I want you to be one the one that ends it, because I want you to make the choice, because I can’t.