• Yes, I am talking about you.

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    Every time I see a picture of you that I’ve seen before, it makes me pause. Every time I see a picture of you I have never seen before like tonight, it makes my heart stop. I tell myself to take a breath again. God you are so beautiful. I wish I could reach out to you. Really, I am trying to look away and not feel this way. What am I suppose to do?

    are you out there?

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    Dear Stranger,

    If you are out there, i would like to ask you to make your presence known asap. Really now. I think a little more waiting and I will lose all faith in love and romance. I need you to reveal your passionate, handsome, wonderful self…right away please! If you are not out there, I hope something happens to let me know and stop hoping for you.

    Act soon!


    (island of Aphrodite)


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    my brother has a baby coming and it’s tearing my family apart.. parents are mad at each other and my bro and sis are mad at me because at the time me and my mom didn’t know what was going on and i called my mom and told her that my sis isn’t telling me why my bro is hiding and my sis got mad cuz i called my mom.. is that wrong?? but i guess it will be over?? right?? it hurts because my parents won’t even look at each other and my bro and sis are like strangers in the house.. i just want to cry myself to sleep and then wake up and know it is just a dream well a nightmare…

    Get a life

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    Dear Saliva-Lips,
    I only met you once, in my friend’s living room. Why were you there,
    anyway? You’ve divorced, move on! You don’t need to be friends with
    your divorced husband’s wife! She HAS friends already. She doesn’t
    think you’re cool, or hip, in fact, she thinks you’re a loser, too!
    You feed your kids cookies so you can get them out of your hair. I think you’re pathetic, and a fat cow, and you should NOT wear a bikini in public. I’m SOOOOOO glad you weren’t my patient when you had your kids!! You would’ve driven me crazy. And another thing…who do you think you are, milking your ex-husband of his money. What a bitch you are. And you feel compelled to be chums with his new wife. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU????

    Another week?!

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    You think I’m cute. I think you’re cute. We have the same opinions on the things that matter. We are both unsatisfied. I thought all guys were basically ready to go at all times, so what gives? Why do you want to make a girl wait? Too much suspense is a disgraceful thing, dear boy.

    Clear Your Mind

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    Yesterday my brain was racing. It felt like it was out of control! Thoughts kept coming, one after the other, piling up and competing for attention. Not a pleasant sensation. How could I be effective without focus? I went into the kitchen and started to do the dishes. Another thought then came across, only this time sort of like a voice suggesting that I quiet my mind. So I tried it, and it worked! My awareness was reduced to the dishes, and my calm breathing. What a revelation! Intentionally letting those thoughts go felt like such a relief. Each breath was like a wave of calm, and suddenly doing the dishes became a calming and somewhat pleasant activity. After that I was able to focus and get a few other things done. There was no more frenzy up there, no stray worries. I am going to try and do this every day!!!