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    To the only one I thought I knew,

    PLEASE, look back in time and remember what all we have been through.
    Remember all the nights we spent together, the kisses, the embraces,
    walks, and talks. Remember that we WERE happy.

    NOW: think about how you have been acting…. Like a douche bag.
    Remember that you FUCKED a 28 year old while we were still happy. And
    think about the list you made of all the girls you have FUCKED and

    WELL…. Here is a bit of wisdom for you. The next time you can’t
    keep your dick in your pants when you are “Happy” like you told me you
    were, just know that she will find out.

    I could make your life a living hell, but I’d rather let you stick it
    to any thing that walks at this point, cause I know about the girls,
    and honestly I’m embarrassed for you. I’m betting you had to put a
    paper bag over their faces. If “happy” to you means parking yourself
    in any walking thing, go ahead, be as fucking happy as you want to be.

    Oh and P.S. just a word of advice, when you are actually ready to
    settle down, you might wanna get checked out…

    Sincerly, unhappy

    Bad Friend

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    It took you a whole year to discover I am a bad friend.

    I don’t like to start conversations. I don’t like to ask people out.
    If I had a choice I would pick reading a book on my comfortable couch
    over going out shopping with you. Any day.

    I am lame. I write – yes write because screaming it isn’t enough –
    mean things about people. Since your a person, that includes you. It
    started when I went to angry management counseling and probably wont
    stop until I die.

    Overall our “friendship” was a fraudship. You now know it and I knew
    it long before. And I know I’m a liar; you don’t need to elaborate
    that fact to me. Some of things I say I don’t want to say, but I was
    taught to never burn bridges. But there I went ahead with Kerosene and

    But no matter how much I suck, ain’t cool, really need to get a hold
    of some sanity, and am so confused about my sexual orientation it
    isn’t funny — my dog still loves me.

    And really that’s all I need.

    Independence Day

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    I am grateful for the men and women who have served our country and the noble politicians who wrote the Declaration of Independence.

    I love my country and I love my countrymen.

    Let’s stick together as the awesome country that we are.  Let’s put ‘treating people with kindness’ at the top of our To Do list. Let’s move together into a better tomorrow where racism is a subject in a history lesson and homophobia is merely a word in a Spelling Bee.

    What do you say, America? Let’s rock this planet!

    Happy 4th of July!!


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    What happened to you? One minute you were talking about finding a job and getting a place for us to move into and the next your gone. the next your gone. Leaving me here to be stuck in this city alone and longing for what we alone and longing for what we had. I look at these pictures and wonder if I’ll ever look so happy again. That and if you even remember me.

    Get out of my head.

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    how can i still be thinking about you? for god sakes, it’s been over a year. you’re leaving in two months, which means i will never see you. and i still worry, that you’ll be lonely without me. but how can worry that, when i know that you’ve been doing fine this whole time. you were a waste of my time. i should have known that the second time you slept with me, was just because you were lonely. fuck you for were lonely. fuck you for leaving me, fuck you for not needing me. no, i’m not okay; and i don’t know what to do.

    Lady Class 101 – Anatomy of a Love Letter

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    CLASS 1

    Hello, Ladies.  Read the following letter through and take a moment to digest.  Then read the notes immediately following:

    “I am very satisfied today as I write to you – the mornings we spend in passionate embrace are always such wonderful times, and I long for you more as the day goes on. My only problem now is that my lips are yearning to be pressed lightly by yours… Can you help me with that my darling? I know you can. I know that no matter what I yearn for in this life, that you hold the answers. You are truly the most special and beautiful woman of my existence, and I will forever worship and respect you for who you are.”

    Doesn’t that sound like a dream mate?  I know it does to me.  But let me provide you with a further bit of information on this real letter.  The sentence “my lips are yearning to be pressed lightly by yours” was sent to me by ACCIDENT via Messenger.  My boyfriend and I were actually  chatting about something mundane and he hadn’t realized he’d sent it to me.  He was having a DIFFERENT chat conversation with another woman and wasn’t paying attention when he sent it.  I confronted him about it and he said, “Oh, I’m writing you a letter and I didn’t mean to send that.”  Shortly thereafter, I received the above.  Now read the letter again.  It sounds chopped and forced.  It reads like it was completely CREATED around that one mis-sent sentence. And it was.

    Trust your instincts, ladies.  If he sounds too good to be true and focuses more on words than actions, he’s an asshole and needs to be dumped pronto.  I found out that my live-in boyfriend was having multiple affairs with ladies, men, and who knows what else.