• HeartBoken and Not Okay

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    Dear Srg. Jo the Calico Kitty (It’s your nickname),

    Where the hell are you? You said you’d be there for me. And yet, you haven’t talked to me in 13 days now. You broke up with me, and guess what! It broke my heart. But, to have you go and completely ignore me was uncalled for. I don’t need to hurt as bad as you make me do. But, I do anyways. You’ll never realize how much I loved you. Oh how I loved you…

    Distance never was the downside to me. You’re the one that let it get to you. And now I just fear that one look at you this summer will make me fall for you again. I’m trying to let go. But, the songs you dedicated to me and the words you said to me aren’t going away. Don’t walk into my life if you’re going to just walk right back out. Of course, now it’s too late..

    Love Always,

    hey kid.

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    You’ll never read this, and that’s OK but there are some things I need to day to you. I love you still. I’m not ready to be without you. I’m not myself anymore, I don’t know who I am anymore. I’m not that girl you fell in love with, the happy, smiling, joking, always talking girl. I don’t smile, I can’t even fake a smile at work where my tip depends on that. I can’t remember the last time I had a real smile on my face, or the last time I laughed, or the last time I felt happy. I miss you. And I know you’re doing fine because you’re busy and with your friends and I’m just stuck here broken. I guess it would make me feel a little better if I knew you were hurting, too.

    I thought we would be together for a while, I mean, I was your dream girl, right? Remember all the things you said? I know we’re supposed to be together, it’s in our kiss, it’s incredible and magical, the kind of kiss that changes everything and makes people believe in love. I wish I could believe in love, but I can’t. How can you tell me that I was the love of your life and then just walk away from me like I was nothing to you? I hate this. I cry myself to sleep every night. And I try not to text you but I need to talk to you, I can’t be without you. I know we fought and bickered but I’d take that any day over this. I hope you come back to me someday soon, because we’re supposed to be together, I know we are. You never believed me when i told you I love you, I don’t know why. I did everything I could to be a good girlfriend, I wrote you love letters that were never returned, I got you little surprises and tried to be as understanding as I could. I guess my best just wasn’t good enough? I’d give anything to have you back, douche.

    love, punkass.

    Bitch Bootcamp: Week NINE

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    Practice what you preach

    Well my little bootcamp all-stars, I bet you wonder if The BITCH practices what she preaches. Well, guess what – I do.

    I had an incident this week… one of those work moments that defines your place in your space. I had the joy of overhearing a conversation that was not only somewhat inappropriate, but was about ME. Some people just don’t realize how well their voices carry… and I handled it, without regret.

    So, on that note, here are some pointers on how to handle those situations with poise… and without hiding under your desk.

    1. Count to 10 before addressing the offender. Again and again, if needed. The flames need to quit coming out of your ears BEFORE you talk to the person.
    2. Be polite but DIRECT. There is no room for snarky remarks – this is about standing your ground and letting the person know they can’t talk bad about you and get away with it.
    3. Be specific. Direct your comments toward something they specifically said. This isn’t about hearsay – it’s about dealing with exactly what this particular person said or did.
    4. 4. Clearly state your objective. There is a reason you  are frustrated/hurt/annoyed/pissed. Part of the reason #1 is so important is because it also gives you time to collect your thoughts.
    5. Don’t be THAT person. In the process of confronting the offender, don’t become THEM. The point of the conversation is to stand up for yourself, not to act like the person you are confronting. Rise above the situation… address the issue head-on and then move on.

    Ladies, we all have situations, big and small, that confront us everyday. To live life to the fullest, bring your best YOU to the table. Be honest with yourself and with others. Those that can’t keep up will fade into the background, and what you will be left with is a quality group of people that love and support you for who you are!

    Best BITCHING wishes for a successful week!

    I don’t know

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    I don’t know what the subject should be so here it goes and here I

    You broke my heart right in two. I never wanted to hurt you. I wanted to be together forever you said you wanted to, too. You said you loved me and that you would never hurt me. You would be there. Where are you now when I need you the most, when I need someone to hold me and to take away the pain.  I remember what you said you said “I will never leave you I love you with all of my heart.” I guess you lied. Now what do I do? I’m torn in two. I can’t breathe, I’m hurt, broken, bleeding inside and out. I don’t get why they call it heart break, it seems the rest of me is broken, too. I wish I was dead. I have no reason any more.

    Good bye, my love, for good. :'(

    I miss my friend

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    Wow. I didn’t think it would be this hard, not talking to you. I miss you! I miss having someone to conspire with. When will things be back to normal? Can you give me a date, one I can mark on my calendar? Because this pretty much SUCKS.

    Wow. Your words amaze me.

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    I was actually brought to a physical halt when I read your post.

    If you take me seriously about anything I say you are going to be pissed off at me 100% of  the time.

    If, instead, you look at my character and my history you would realize that my words are harmless and playful.

    Yours, however, were hurtful and really inappropriate considering what I am facing right now.

    I could defend myself directly to you, and therefore create more discomfort and possible strife in your marriage, for obviously what you heard was not as it was intended…and you NEVER heard what was your spouse said in response (which, by the by, would completely incense you to your core).

    Let’s agree to disagree.  You live a different life than I.  You make different choices.  You see things differently.  Bottom line…WE are different.

    Neither of us is right or wrong.

    Let’s move on, shall we?