• Right or Wrong?

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    You tell me this is right. Part of me thinks it’s right. So if this is so right, why does it feel so wrong?

    Far, Far Away

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    how quickly you stole my heart, how fast i fell for you. i love you, right off the bat, i love you and wish i could tell you every time i see your blue eyes and your name pop up on my phone. every person who told me you were emotionless and a pointless person clearly has never seen you light up and smile. i can’t help but to think are you the one? two months was all we had together, two months that i’d never give back even if my life depended on it. every sober and drunk night we spent together never got old. i love you. i miss you. come home, please.


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    It’s been so long, but I am still completely enraged with you. For some reason I cannot let go of the anger inside. I fantasize about ruining your life, because I feel that you ruined mine. I can’t stand to be around you. What I don’t understand is that even though you completely used me and cheated on me when I truly loved you, you still have the indecency to make fun of me and act like a total asshole whenever we’re in the same room. Yet everyone still seems to think you’re a good guy, and it looks like I’m unjustified in hating you. At first I thought cutting you out of my life completely would make everything better, but it’s not enough. For some reason I won’t be satisfied until you are as miserable as you made me. I want you to know the feeling of true heartbreak, because you definitely don’t deserve the girl you’ve got now.


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    I love you, but I am becoming more aware of our fundamental differences. Your life is based on routine, you cling to the familiar, and any interruption or break from routine is difficult to handle. I, on the other hand, embrace change, even seek it out sometimes. But I find that my primary concern is your happiness, so I fall into your patterns without complaint. The reality is, I have become bored. I yearn for some excitement. As things are now, I can tell you exactly what will happen on any given Friday night, right down to the scripted goodbyes. I know you are dreading the day I leave for college, but I consider it somewhat of a godsend. I know it is going to be hard for you to deal with an hour’s distance between us, but I think this will be a good test of our relationship.

    I really do love you, but know that I can’t promise to be with you forever. We’re still so young, and although I know I’ve become part of your routine, things can change whether we like it or not. For now, all I can promise is to stay as long as things continue to work.

    My best friend and my sister =´(

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    Dear You.

    I fell in love with you as you fell in love. But you fell in love with our best friend, my sister. She doesn’t love you. But she took you so that I couldn’t. Now I am broken hearted and I can never be with you.

    Yesterday you told her that you know she doesn’t love you. You don’t care because you love her for the both of you. I pray to God every day that it was me you had fallen in love with, me from the start and not her. She doesn’t love you and she is only playing with you as she does with all the other guys. She’s got a broken heart, too. And though she really betrayed me by taking you just to tease you, I still love her, and the only thing I can do is to sit and watch you get hurt and her amused while my heart are bleeding.


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    I had to prepare for my future yesterday so I couldn’t come. It makes me jealous and hurt that you would just go out and have fun with a boy I really like. You said you didn’t even want to go! A relationship with him will never be able to bloom because you overshadow me in every way. You don’t realize how infectious you are, but I see it. Every guy falls in love with you, probably even my crush loves you now. And when you called me from his phone? gosh. I thought it was him, I was so let down when I answered his call and it was you on the other end 🙁

    By the way, why didn’t you even tell me how it went? It’s like I don’t even matter or I shouldn’t know because it doesn’t involve me. I feel shitty for feeling so jealous but .. it’s like I just know things are headed south for me.