• well hey.

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    we broke up about 2 weeks ago. it was hard to get over you. in fact, it’s still hard. each day i’m more able to like other people. i just wish sometimes we were still together. i know it was mutual and it was because we didnt see each other but you do not understand how i feel and i don’t think you ever will..and yet you still talk to me. can i please just get over you?

    i can’t believe.

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    i can’t believe i fall for your games.
    i’ve loved you since the day i met you.
    i can’t believe you wouldn’t give us a chance to see each other.
    you left me.
    i thought you loved me, what did i do?
    i miss you.
    you’re now the football star..and just like the girl next door i’m sitting here waiting for you to miss me, too… i’m sitting here waiting here…for you to realize i love you. this may seem pathetic but i miss your arms holding me telling me it’s going to be okay we will work out even when school starts. and yet i’m by myself crying , missing the guy that made my life. he made me feel so special a week before he promise i will never leave you i dont care how hard it is we will make it work…the next week you break up with me. i don’t get it…

    Mouse in the House

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    M I C K E Y M O U S E…you diabalical mouse you did it, you got my girl, for now that is. Yes she is off to your magical kingdom for a week of fun. I don’t like you very much right now. Yeah we shared a meal once but now you step over the line and you get my girlfriend for the week. I got my eye on you MOUSE. Be kind to her and make your kingdom the most fun ever. If not I’ll hunt you down! I miss her bad but if she is going to be gone then you better make it worth her while to be there!! I want her back relaxed and in a great mood! Be good Mouse.


    Make breakfast good, real good!



    Another You

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    I know you will not find this randomly on the internet and read it, but I want you to know that I want you to be happy. I think the reason that I’m still dwelling on you is because I miss the thought of you. I mean we saw each other for a couple months and I really cared and I know you did, too, but now that I look back you weren’t over your ex. If you really love her I hope you guys get back together and are happy. I just realized through our experience together that I don’t want you, but I want someone who will love me and care about me the same way you felt about your ex. I’ve never been in love, but I want to find it and find another you.

    somebody who looks like a children’s character.

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    I figure the only people who would get who this is are in my English class, and I’m only friends with like 5 people in there so who cares. They probably won’t even know what I’m talking about, anyway.

    I’ll try not to ramble, because I’m so good at that, but there are a few people who I want to address but can’t do so in real life because of my crippling shyness, fear of rejection, and fear of retribution. I’m a very paranoid human being.

    To the woman who carried me in her tubes for 9 months and then pushed me out and stopped caring: You are not my mother. My grandmother is my mother. My boss is my mother. The woman who got me my job is my mother. My eleventh grade English teacher is my mother.

    Would you like to know how they are my mother? Let us start with my grandmother. From the time I was 3 weeks old she has always been there for me. She nurtured me, fed me, hugged me when I was hurt, took care of me when I was sick, and babysat me when you went on your fucking trips, which I am now half-convinced is where you probably started cheating on my dad, though I have no concrete proof that you actually are.

    She was the one that sat me down and made me do my homework. Actually, that’s what she did just now. Sat me down, all sixty-six inches and one hundred and fifty pounds of me, at the age of seventeen, a senior in high school, and made me do my homework. Not you. You never did. I was always on my own with you. And don’t you dare try to say that by the time I was home with you more often I was old enough to do it, because you let my little brother go the entire summer without having his homework done, and he’s just eight years old. You didn’t get my little sister her summer reading book and now I’m afraid she’s doomed to follow in my footsteps because the woman that owns the crotch she dropped out of didn’t care about her enough.

    Gramma gave me the benefit of the doubt when I was suspended from school for something I didn’t do. You did not. In fact, the first time I ever heard the term “benefit of the doubt” is when you told me you were having trouble giving me the benefit of the doubt.

    Gramma doesn’t drink. Only when we go out does she have a margarita. You pound at least two or three beers in a single night, and then you’re drunk nice to me and I’d rather you shout at me at that point because when you’re drunk nice I feel uncomfortable and I’d rather you just leave me alone forever.

    Gramma cooks. You don’t.

    Gramma cleans her house. You don’t, and then you throw a hissy fit when me and my sister don’t clean up your shit. It’s so fucking ridiculous.

    My boss listens to me. You don’t. She treats me like an equal. You don’t.

    Same with Debbie.

    You are a terrible human being. I kept wanting to give you the benefit of the doubt. I kept defending you.



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    Dear Stranger,

    We’re not so much as strangers as friendly acquaintances; I’ve met you, briefly, several times. Even though we’ve only talked a few times, you’ve inspired me to live more courageously. I feel much more carefree and less bogged down by my troubles after listening to you. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to talk to you again, but thanks. I feel so much freer. Good luck in your endeavors. Maybe one day our paths will cross again.