• I hope she appreciates you

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    Dear Friend,

    I hope your wife appreciates you for the warm, sensitive, caring, intelligent and righteous man that you are.

    You are such an amazing human being and I hope that you discover the love that you and your wife have for eachother and enjoy it and fall madly in love again.

    Just thought I’d let you know:) FH

    Count down until you Split

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    Dear Friend,

    I remember the days when you were my BEST friend.

    We would hang out everyday, sing our favorite bands songs, go on walks, and play ping pong religiously. It was a great first 2 years of college, probably the best I had! Then SHE came along.

    We gave her the nick name #2 because unfortunately she shares my name. No one liked her from the start, we thought you didn’t either.

    Then you two started dating.

    Everyone was upset. I remember that no one wanted to hang out with her, but we all loved you so we were forced to compromise. She was foul mouthed, a terrible gossip, and an overall witch.

    She is, to this day, the worst person I have ever met in my life. She went out of her way to make all of your friends feel like crap, especially me. We stopped talking for half a year because of it. It was a very sad time in my life.

    With all that aside, it has been two years later. You guys are still together. I am putting up with her because I miss you! The real you.

    You were my best friend, we had everything in common. She started changing you and I know you are not the same as before. I still have hope that you will come to your senses before its too late. I know lately you seem to realize what she cost you, and you even apologized to me for it.

    I really hope you guys will break up because I know you deserve better and I know that she doesn’t deserve you!

    Your not-so-best-friend (unfortunately)


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    Dear Father,

    I am writing this letter because I have finally come to terms with everything. I am finally able to let go and forgive you. Holding on to the hate and the torment you have caused my family… it has killed me. I am ready to let it go and forgive you.

    I know I need to let you know in person, instead of sending this letter to a website, but I am not at that point yet. I am honestly still terrified of you. I know you have changed and you are trying to get your life back on track, but it is hard to erase the memories. The memories still make me cry; they still keep me up at night.

    The only reason I was forced to forgive you is because, after years of absence from my life, you randomly started trying to talk to me again, and I have nothing really to say to you. Except this. But I can not say it to your face. Not just yet.

    One of the Children you left behind


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    we hooked up and decided to try to make this work.

    now i’m feeling it was only for you to get laid. you could’ve said that was what you wanted before you left. i already knew it was a possibility. i’m angry and hurt because you promised you’d be there for me when i wanted to talk or if i needed you. that other night you were wonderful which lead me to think that you’re as serious about “us” as i am but then you don’t write back or call specially when you know i was having a rough time.

    i’m not going to contact you in a any way and wait for you to decide what you want to do. i don’t regret our 3 weeks together because they’re filled with sweet memories.

    i hope you at least feel the same way.

    with love.


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    Dear Long Distance,

    You SUCK!

    The Relationship

    What is Love?

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    I think I fell in love with you a long time ago even though we never even kissed.

    Our souls met and connected.

    We exchanged smiles, laughter and intimate details of our hearts.

    The birds came together and danced in the sky in ways I had never seen before.

    My heart opened up pouring up and out with this warm energy I had never felt in my whole entire life!

    Is that not love? What is love?

    I’m not sure if I truly know.