• Hello?

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    What is with the snippy attitude? You tell me that YOU being an ass to me is simply YOU matching MY tone. Sir, you must be TONE DEAF because I have NOT given you any tone. However, I shall proceed to give you “tone” from now on. Consider it a DIAL TONE.

    Life’s a BITCH

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    Thought of the day: Life’s a BITCH and then you die.

    I’m a postcard short of going postal, watch out world.

    The BITCH


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    Hi, Mom!
    Wow, it’s just about 6 years ago that you left us for good. I’ve
    missed you so much, and sometimes I miss you so much, it’s physically
    painful. It feels just like the day we found you…I hate that
    feeling, and I know you would feel terrible about that if you knew I
    felt that way.
    I’m getting closer, as the months go by, to understanding what
    happened to you. For that reason, the times of pain are less frequent,
    thank God.
    I just hope you’re somewhere close to me, and you know how much I
    love you and miss you-

    Hi Auntie,

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    Just want you to know I’m thinking about you. Today is one of those
    days where it hits me more than most that you’re really gone. I hope
    you know how much I appreciated the time I got to spend with you
    before you left… it was an amazing gift. I smile (and even laugh)
    through the tears when I think about how much fun we had together
    those last few months.

    I love you.

    Sister…in LAW.

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    Dear S.I.L.,
    I’ve never cared much for you…WHERE WERE YOUR
    MANNERS?? Oh, that’s right, your mom’s an ignoramus and has an IQ of
    75, just like you, so I shouldn’t be surprised that you were never
    exposed to them, or, if you WERE, then you weren’t smart enough to
    pick up on that little life lesson.
    Not sure what my bro ever saw in you, except that he had a dream
    about you…a “vision” if you will. Last time I checked, that was NOT
    a reason to marry someone! But he did, and we’ve had the luxury of
    getting acquainted with all of your quirks. Like the one about your
    sense of entitlement…that’s probably my favorite one of all. It’s
    like you think you were born into royalty or something. Sometimes it’s
    comical, but most of the time, it’s fucking annoying!! Speaking of
    annoying, why don’t you work? Oh, that’s right. It’s that sense of
    entitlement thing. You’re too good for that. You’re setting a lovely
    example for your children, aren’t ya? How special that they may grow up
    to be just like you! (Hopefully, most of my brother’s DNA is
    I would never say any of this to your face for obvious reasons…it’s
    really mean. But it sure feels good to get it out!!!
    There will be more…

    dwindling tolerance

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    dear lovely roomie,
    ok we’re firnds and all but seriosuly the tv does NOT always need to
    be on and fuck maybe you should go study outside the room when you
    wait till 2 am to study and still have the light and tv on…. im
    losing patience. the tv will not help you remember what ever it is
    youre trying to study. if i was an awful person i would get out of bed
    right now and turn the tv off. when i always turn it off while youre
    not there dont you think thats a hint? i cant remeber the last time i
    sat and studied at my desk because the tv is blarring in my ear to the
    point wherei cant hear my own music. ill be damned i you get better
    grades after studying with that tv on at 2 am instead of in a quiet
    study lounge so your room mate can sleep at a normal hour! haaaa and
    when you said its easier to get up after going to bed late i wanted to
    shoot myself.

    so please turn off Family Matter re-runs soni can sleep.