• To my black balloon

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    You broke me in the worst possible way. You stripped me of my identity. You left me to pick up the pieces alone. But I got through. Now, I am stronger. Now, I thank you for teaching me just how capable I am to pull through. I now know who I am, and no one will ever take that from me again. Thank you for ruining me, for I am better off.

    You Took It Back

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    You asked me to marry you
    And I believed you
    You said that you were ready to be with me forever
    After your depression and your insecurities
    I stood with you
    But you took it back
    You took it back
    And it broke me
    Now I have to look at you everyday
    And love you
    And think you love me
    But I just know
    The forever that you promised
    Is no longer in our grasp
    If us is even an option
    I don’t think it is
    Even if you ask again
    I’ll always remember
    You took it back

    i love you

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    you have been there with all that you have done in the last 2 years. i love u mikey. too much.


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    I see you everyday and when I do I wanna kiss you. I don’t even know why, but I’m so attracted to you it makes me sick. And the only reason I see you is because we’re in rehab together, and everyone knows two addicts cannot work out, even if it did you’re 36 and I’m 18. I think it’s your personality I fell in love with. Or maybe its the fact that I’m stuck in these four walls and you’re the most attractive person here. I’d like to see what happens, but I don’t want to be rejected. I can be myself around you which is pretty sweet I think. I could approach you, I mean I already flirt with you as it is. I love when you come in to groups and sit next to me. It literally makes my heart skip a beat. But I’m too afraid of what we may become

    love, a

    I’ll never

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    Dear D,

    I’ll never be that strong woman you thought I was.
    If I left you was because you were living a lie with me.
    I’ll never be beautiful, because I will never accept myself as I am.
    I’ll never live up to my family’s expectations.
    I’ll never live up to my own expectations.
    I’ll never be strong. I’ll always be weak.
    I gave up on you because you deserve to be with someone who loves herself and is able to love you back as you once loved me. Not someone like me.
    I’ll never forget you.
    I am still searching for the strength to let myself go. It will be better that way. I promise.
    I can not love myself, but I’ll never stop loving you.
    Yours only,

    It Has Never Worked For Me

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    To all of the so-called “spiritual leaders” who are nothing more than puffbag ex used-car salesmen with questionable agendas: Spiritual conviction is no excuse for sloppy intellectualism. It’s too easy to say “because God said so”. Who wrote down what God said? It was found on scrolls in a cave thousands of years ago, translated and re-interpreted countless times to meet the undeniably human motivations of its handlers, used as a tool of social control, and brimming over with fear, violence, and general weirdness that people freely interpret for a willing audience of people who don’t have the inclination to think for themselves. I have a difficult time with that.