• Big Faker

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    I see you just about every day. Lie with you. Kiss you. Laugh with you. Cuddle with you, and talk about everything and nothing at the same time. You’re pretty much the perfect guy. But I don’t think that you’re MY perfect guy. For some reason I just can’t attach myself to you. I have tried, but I just don’t feel it. I want to more than I can express. Every once in a while I miss you, but not as often as someone in a relationship with someone as wonderful as you should. I wish there was something I could do to fix it.

    Always Has, Always Will Be

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    Cristal clear, I can still remember the day we met. You captivated me the very moment our eyes crossed paths, shy and reserved, you were the older brother of the friend I’d stopped to say hello to.

    We talked a lot after that day, met up often and became good friends. I could tell you anything, you were the only person that would listen to my lips and my heart, you were ALWAYS there for me and I for you. My best friend, I loved you.

    Time made us strangers but my feelings for you never changed, I wanted to get over you. So we could be friends again, the way we were. Years but the second I saw you again, second I talked to you again it all came back to me.

    We’re now in better contact and as much as it kills me and rips every part of me to shreds that you’re my friend, my best friend but that’s all we will ever be. It hurts a lot less then when you weren’t in my life.

    Promise to never fade from my life … I couldn’t do this without a friend like you.

    I just wish I could make you smile in the way she does…

    H x

    To My Unborn Baby

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    Dearest little one,

    Even if we have never even met, when I first heard your heartbeat and saw your tiny dancing on screen, I fell in love with you completely. That moment is captured.. and frozen in time. But I am scared. I am scared for what’s to come because I have a condition that might take you away from me before I even get to hold you in my arms.


    I lied.

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    I lied to you. I told you nothing happened, that I was drunk and had no recollection of that night, that it didn’t mean anything. I lied, I do remember, some things. We had sex, both of us too drunk to make good decisions. We were lonely, so we had sex. We vowed never to tell anyone, and we haven’t. But it still weighs heavily on my conscience. I’m sorry. There is no excuse, but I know telling you will only hurt you and end our friendship. So no, I will never tell you, to save our friendship. I love you, and would never do anything to hurt you intentionally. I never meant for this to happen, and there really aren’t any words to describe how I feel. I love you, so you will never know what happened that night.


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    I’ve wanted you for so long. You probably knew that I liked you; was attracted to you, but I doubt you knew to what extent. Every time I hear from you my heart beats faster. Every moment I spend with you I stuff my feelings for you a little bit deeper. Every time you mention her my insides wither. It’s a self-inflicted torture. I can’t believe that I won’t let it go but it feels like I can’t let it go! It feels like you’ve caught me in some web and I’m just stuck there while the mere thought of you devours me. It’s not fair. It’s not fair that I want you and you don’t want me back.

    My ex

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    I left you because i felt like another object in your life. Like you didn’t want me, you just wanted ‘someone’, so it would appear that you had the perfect life, nice house, nice cars, nice holidays. But you made me feel like an accessory. So I left you, with everything, to completely start afresh. Then you tried to turn everyone against me. If you could have put as much effort into ‘us’ as you did into that then we would have been together forever. I know I’ve made the right decision, but I think of you every waking second and think about what we could’ve been. And I’m a boy for godsake. My heart has never been so broken.