• killing inside

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    the cuts all over her body

    to bleed her body dry

    feeling alone like no one cares no one is there
    to take a life, a life that could have been

    to bleed her body dry

    the hurt all bunddled up inside

    to bleed MY body dry…..


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    what is the definition of sanity? you – best friend – are mine.

    you’re the greatest best friend i could ask for in the whole world. which sounds stupid and cheesy but it’s true.

    you never embarrass me or make me feel bad. you give the best advice you can. you put up with me. and you love me as much as i love you. which is alot alot alot. deh

    i hope you see this. yes you.

    i love you, poop!

    three weeks until we’re together again!

    thanks for keepin me sane little bud 🙂


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    I know we are so young and that we haven’t been together very long, but I love you so much. I think about you constantly and I’ve pictured what our life would be like together. I think you would make an amazing husband. You are so good to me and I love you no matter what. I guess we will see what happens.

    boxed in

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    the feeling the ball in my throat. I hate this I need to cry I need to laugh I need love I need to love I can’t handle this everything jumbled in my head I can’t know why yet I’m afraid I already do I wish I didn’t know I wish it would go my way for once I wish this was not an issue I’m so not okay I don’t I can’t I hate feeling like this and it is not good to feel this I am setting myself up for more anxiety more worries more anger more tears more pain why did a good day need to be smooshed

    to whom it may concern…

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    there hasn’t been a single day that i haven’t thought about you and thought about what we were and who we were. and now every aspect of our lives are different. the same thing that brought us together is the same that tore us apart. and ironically the last day i saw you, a year earlier was the day i first met you. who knew it could only take one year for some to change my life for the better and for the worse.

    and although i don’t know you, or your life anymore – i really hope you stop selling yourself short and realize you are worth so much more. and i really hope that you are safe at home tonight. i often wonder if i’ve affected you as much as you’ve affected me. and if you think about me as much as i think about you. i don’t think i can ever love someone as much as i loved you, & not in a romantic way. but just a real genuine love kind of way. i just can’t forget about the way i felt everytime you were near.

    and i’d do just about anything to be apart of each other’s lives again. i love you, i miss you and my heart hurts.

    my painful heart

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    I truly do not understand how you could just NOT love me.

    I realize this sounds very conceited however, I give you everything. EVERYTHING. I don’t even know how to give you more than I already have.

    You completely lied when you said you loved me. You cannot and will not love me. Just flat out WILL NOT be in love with me. And I’ve found this completely pathetic side of me that just will not get myself out of this relationship.

    I just want to be with you, sleep next to you, breathe you in until I can memorize every single iota of every single moment with you so that you’ll never actually leave me. You’ll always be this piece of my heart walking around playing the stupid guitar that’s more important to you than me.

    And until the next time you decide that you just can’t handle a girlfriend right now, I’ll keep memorizing every moment with you. Every snore, every minty morning kiss, every whiff of Irish Spring soap and Right Guard, every massage, every morning sunlight, everything.

    Because you’re my soulmate. Even if I’m not yours. It will always be my greatest regret that I couldn’t find a way to get you to love me.