• The last 2 years we spent together were a mistake…

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    I loved you once. We tried so hard to keep it together long distance, but your need for acedemic distinction and perfection pushed me away. I gave you everything to get you to stay. I wish you would have done the same. you told me that you wish you would have too. Too late. I’ll never have romantic feelings for you again. I’m completely head over heels for him.

    But some tiny part of me wants to be able to mention all the things he taught me. You really missed out by being shy. I don’t know whether I should laugh at you or feel bad for you because you don’t know what you’re missing. I hope you give someone the chance to show you someday.

    My Anchor and Wings

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    You’ve changed my life. You’ve taught it’s possible to find true love at any age. And for that I thank you. You taught me how to fly. But now I need to go. I’ll never find the courage to tell you, but I want to leave Taiwan. I hate it here, and I’m going soon, even if it means leaving you. You are the reason I haven’t gone yet. But now it’s time. You’ve given me my wings, but now it’s time to let go. I love you.


    I wish I had a grip.

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    I wish I had a better grip on reality and how my emotions control my moods.

    I’ve started to lose touch with our long distance relationship. Although, I love you more than I ever loved her, or anyone up until now.

    We went from talking of marriage, to you talking of taking time off.

    Where did the love go?

    I promised myself I would never put my heart through this again, but I did. I fell for the same tricks as I did before. But much harder.

    I love you to death. I’m scared. My mind will not stop turning and my world is slowly crashing down around me.

    I’m scared

    Thank You

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    Mrs. Pettigrew,

    I honestly think you saved my life. Humanities class was the only thing I had to look forward to everyday. It kept me going. You gave me the runway and the wings,and now I’m flying. Thank you so much. You’ve changed my life in ways you don’t know.

    fukk you mom

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    Hey mom, guess what, I blame you for my inability to trust women. I’ve never met anyone so concerned only with themselves as you. Your meth problems and dad’s alcoholism should have turned me into a raging sociopath. Luckily my IQ is at the far end of the bell curve, and I’ll never have to deal with people like you again for as long as I live. I can now afford to live wherever and however I want.

    Oh well

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    I remember hearing so often that a 16 year old doesn’t fall in love, it’s “only hormones” or “it’s lust, not love”.

    Well, here I am. 29 years old, in great shape, great looking (or so they tell me). I’ve got a job that pays 35$ per hour and am the co-owner of a business on the side. Altogether bringing in almost 150 G’s a year. I’m confident, outgoing, and very successful with women, and guess what. I’ve never felt true love for anyone but that one girl in high school, and I can’t imagine ever feeling that way again for anyone else. I don’t think it’s possible.

    Sadly, she moved thousands of miles away and eventually married somebody else before I could graduate and move to where she was to get her back.

    One day I will die, and on that day, I will remember the most important relationship I’d ever had, an incredibly, feircely burning love, at the age of only 16. I lost it forever, and so forever I will be lost.