• respect the space bubble

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    space, everyone needs it. and when they actually tell you “i need
    space” its probably true. so give them space and when they are ready
    to invite you back into their general space bubble they will and if
    they don’t? wait a little longer …


    the summer love bug

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    dear absent summer fling,

    okay it was great, and if only i knew i was gonna become so attatched
    to someone who i only knew limited about, then maybe i would have
    saved myself before i got in too deep.

    You made empty promises to stay in touch, you said we’d remain close,
    and you said maybe next summer we’d pick up where we left off.

    i’m nieve for thinking you couldnt change after leaving. and i’m angry
    at myself for being this way. But the truth is you’ve become that
    typical douche bag frat boy that i never thought i’d see. truth is i
    stuck up for you and gave you a chance when everyone i know told me
    not to. you live and learn right? and its better to experience than to
    not experience at all right? the truth is i dont regret you or my
    summer at all. i regret letting you take part of me when you left.
    truth is i’m not sorry that its over but for the way i let it end.
    truth is the strings attatched themselves the day you kissed me on the
    forehead and said “stay in touch” and i looked at you and said “or

    so now i’ve moved on and you obviously have too, and i’m happy and i’m
    going somewhere. but just know that you built be up and broke me down
    and you had half of my heart and i’m taking it back and it feels

    hope all is well & i wish you happiness

    the best you’ll ever have


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    Dear Hook-up,

    I never, ever thought about you until two weeks ago. Sure, we’d say
    hi, but I don’t even remember our conversations, although I know we
    had a few about two years ago. And then, that night happened and I
    started thinking about you a lot.

    Okay, so I haven’t seen you. Which seems unusual although I honestly
    can’t remember if I used to see you around or not. I wasn’t paying
    much attention.

    And I know that the way this is supposed to work is that you leave in
    the morning and then we go back to being acquaintances, but I just
    feel like if I’ve spent more than, say, a few moments with you naked,
    we’ve become more than that.

    Damn female hormones. Damn this biological attachment I, of course,
    have to feel for you when you can just go spreading your seed and
    whatever venereal diseases to whom you chose without consequence.

    But the thing is, Hook-up, that now I’m thinking about you. And I wish
    that you’d just, I don’t know, send a friendly little Facebook note or
    just find me and say “Hi.” Because as much as I don’t know you, as
    little as we’ve spoken, as much as I never thought about you before,
    the fact is that I think about you every day now. And I’m wishing you
    were there to see. Even just a little bit.

    There, I said it. God damn these lady hormones.


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    What is with the snippy attitude? You tell me that YOU being an ass to me is simply YOU matching MY tone. Sir, you must be TONE DEAF because I have NOT given you any tone. However, I shall proceed to give you “tone” from now on. Consider it a DIAL TONE.

    Life’s a BITCH

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    Thought of the day: Life’s a BITCH and then you die.

    I’m a postcard short of going postal, watch out world.

    The BITCH


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    Hi, Mom!
    Wow, it’s just about 6 years ago that you left us for good. I’ve
    missed you so much, and sometimes I miss you so much, it’s physically
    painful. It feels just like the day we found you…I hate that
    feeling, and I know you would feel terrible about that if you knew I
    felt that way.
    I’m getting closer, as the months go by, to understanding what
    happened to you. For that reason, the times of pain are less frequent,
    thank God.
    I just hope you’re somewhere close to me, and you know how much I
    love you and miss you-