• I Miss You

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    I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times before from a thousand different people. Everyone loves you.

    So when I say it, it probably doesn’t mean much. I’m probably just another one of the many, but I wish I wasn’t.

    I miss you. I miss your vioce and your blue eyes. I miss holding your hand and hearing you say you love me. I miss everything you ever said and did for me. I miss the way you kissed and the way you smiled. I miss the way we used to talk and all the things we did. I miss you holding me and hugging like you never wanted to let go.

    You’re not here, you’ve gone away. I’m not sure if I still matter to you, but you still mean the world to me. The sad part is being one of the rest when to me, you’re the only one.

    I miss you.

    Of this matter, this night

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    I can’t wish you wouldn’t have gone, because the evening would have been miserable between us and I would have been very ashamed.

    I just wish I had some company, other than drugs, which I’m not supposed to use at this time.

    It’s my own problems and yet they belong to you also. Sorry.

    I can’t remember

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    I’ll see your name every so often.

    Each time I do, it hurts me.

    It hurts because when I used to see your name, I would remember what it felt like to hold you, to kiss you, to hear you say “I love you”. The memories have faded though. I held onto them for as long as I could (even though you forget me), but time has taken them away from me.

    The want to remember won’t ever leave though. I cant make it stop. It hurts so bad.

    Please make it stop.


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    I’m not sure what I did but being ditched by you after so many years of friendship kills me.

    Sometimes I just want to call you when something funny happens that makes me think of you but I hate hearing the silence of your resentment of me calling in the first place.

    I wish you’d let me know whats going on.

    I Want To Wish…

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    If I could only tell you what I’m feeling… because I want to wish you the world.

    I want to send you the moon and stars in small enough space to carry in your pocket. So when your beautiful smile leaves your face, the light of the night time sky can light it up again.

    You are my soul mate, my other half, and I only wish I could tell you.

    I wish you happiness, that someday you will find someone who will treat you how you should be treated, and how I would treat you.

    If only I could have you… but I can’t…

    I want to wish I could be yours…

    Dreams and their meanings.

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    I was pretty much indifferent to you, ever since I met you.

    I’ve seen you transition for the past 6 years or so, and that could very much be a reason why I don’t really like you at all.

    Sure, I wasn’t even supposed to know certain things about you, like your past promiscuities and relationships, but they were your “friends” and they told me. So, that shows what kind of people they are.

    Then you decided to “cleanse” yourself, if you will, and get baptized and be all church-y and all that jazz. Everyone thinks that it’s so cool to just be religious and “live their life through God” during highschool.

    It’s really kind of sickening. You’re not too bad about it, and you don’t pressure people to be like you. I should probably get to the subject of this letter.

    In my dreams, you are always the bad guy. Always doing me harm in the most underhanded way possible. I feel like that is the main thing that makes me dislike you. Plus, you put people down without being so upfront about it, and that’s what makes it super bitchy. I’m glad we’ll soon never have to see each other again.