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    I always have this feeling. This feeling in my gut. It’s like a pit. A knot I can’t unknot. I always ask myself, should I or shouldn’t I? My heart screams yes. My head says no.so cliche everyone’s done it. To email him or not. To drop by and say hi to forget and move

    I guess…

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    I guess whatever makes you happy.. then okay.be with her. And if she can do that for you that’s all I ever wanted was for you to be happy. But all I ask from her is that she loves you as much as I love you. Related Post I’ll be seeing you. Why is it

    I can write this with a smile

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    Enough time has passed that I can laugh. Laugh at you calling me names, like c*** ( despicable I might say), whore or that I wear whore boots, gargantuan ( by far the funniest.. 5’3 127 lbs makes me a gargantuan)? You’re sick. Loving me a one minute ( or so you said) and hating


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    I regret going back that night. The night that ended all…The night I saw your true colours. You was so violent, so nasty, so cruel. Wish I had just kept going home. Then maybe we still would have a friendship. I don’t miss your touch. Or the intimate times we had. I just miss you.