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    Dear you. You was meant to be one of my best friends, a person i could call for help, comfort or trust. You let me down. One day you just let it happen, i was drunk, very drunk but i could still have enough sense to remember. We went out drinking on the 28th of


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    Goodbye my dear, I decided to forget you but I will miss you forever. I had loved you once but i was affect to lose you by accepting your love but that is not the case. I lost you because of my mum and my foolishness. I would remember those time when we were in

    hi ged

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    hi ged/gerald you know what?i still do love you.. but u made me trash..i’m not a trash if you know..i’m not also a robot.. but why u did that?u know i like you a lot!! stupid me for liking you!!! i wanna to tell u that, you’re so stupid for letting me ..and go in

    Dear SeaOtter

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    Dear SeaOtter, It’s been a while… I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. Every day I miss you a little more. Please come back. I know I’m posting this, for all the public to see. And this may not pass moderation for some random unfair reason. However, I just want to type this to

    Lying to yourself

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    Soooooo do you really think it helps you to keep saying you think they are around? What if they never were? How does that compute in your mind? Does it at all? It’s fucking crazy is what it is. It’s moronic and sad to witness strangers hoping they are talking to their person, even when

    knotted up

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    it feels like my stomach is tied in knots. i’m on medication, and i’ve really been trying, but it still hurts sometimes, on random days like this when i work myself up over nothing. something small happened at work, something no one will punish or blame me for, but it’s got my heart pounding and