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    Mr. Handsome,

    I want you be happy no matter what. I came in to your life uninvited and shook it ( selfish of me but more dumb of me). You were never my toy, nor will I remember you as one. I want you to be so happy that you laugh at me, make fun of me, remember me as a crazy girl and that’s all.

    Can’t change God’s plans – have to trust them.

    I’m not kind you fool! Nor do I have a golden heart. You don’t see what I see and not because I’m wearing special goggles but because you’re wearing defected goggles. You’re gold.

    I want you to have everything in life including the best girl who loves you, brings you closer to God and treats you well. I pray for you because I care about you not because I’m kind, there’s a difference. I hope you’re okay and not broken. I didn’t Intend for this- but I definitely didn’t think things through. I never do. I will from now on because I don’t want to cause pain/hurt to another person the way I did to you.

    I had no right to hurt you – I hope you’re not scarred. I want you to be happy and smiling always, InshAllah. I did you no favour and no girl will ever do you a favour – stop putting yourself down please. Appreciate yourself – you’re one of a kind. Keep smiling …and being creepy – I’m sure you are ????

    Part of me wishes, you were just a smooth talker and don’t care. My heart isnt convinced – but my heart gets me into trouble, so I can’t trust it.

    The girl who needs serious help ????

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