• Never thought I’d write another Letter

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    Dear Eric,
    It’s to the guy Eric who left. Look, as hard as it’s been trying to move on this week, the fact is that it’s completely impossible.

    I don’t want to move on. I spend my day trying to push you out of my mind and you just come back even stronger than before every single darn minute of the day! I won’t say it on here, but I will tell it to your face for the first time the L word. The farther I got away from you this week, God is actually the one who has been showing me that I’m going in the wrong direction. So I’m following my heart, my gut, my mind, and my body.

    For six years I’ve wanted this. I know you have too. What’s been holding us back all of these years? Whatever the case we are waisting time and it’s got to be now or never. I say now. You know that song, I’ll make love to you? You have no idea how much I want you to do that to me. I could write a whole book on all the dreams I’ve had of you doing that to me.

    I’m glad you aren’t writing on here anymore, because that means that maybe just maybe we can talk face to face, make love face to face. Communication is the key. We need that and you will feel so differently about our relationship and so will I.

    Next time we talk it won’t be on here.

    Marriage? Do it in a heart beat if you asked me to my face.



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