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    It’s just sad how we lose contact with the ones who we’d have wanted forever, either for no reason at all or just a lot of pretty reasons combined. Its so intimidating- the whole concept of growing up… You’re basically first spending all your time getting used to people and places and ending up loving them and the rest of your time giving it all up. Why? Because apparently life demands so. Or. Maybe. We have made it so. Why is it that you need to give a part of your heart away at every stage of life? Why is it that things as simple as friendship become so complicated and eventually… forgotten. It sucks to think about someone more than they can ever imagine and then the occurrence of the thought that you’re probably at the backseat of their memory; that they must have their own life and own people to care for now (so do you) but you just caaaaaant put that thought away.Your thoughts get stuck in the vacuum between what is and what could be. Your personality gets stuck in the hollowness between who you are and who you should be. Then again there comes the fear that you’ll be stuck in the same hollowness only for changing reasons all your life, while life will just pass by in the distance.

    Normally, I would have said this to you like I used to and you always knew exactly what to say.. but you’re not here and you know, I just wish I could go backdrv

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    1. Hi,
      July 8, 2018 at 10:28 pm

      Please reach out
      Ill be so torn up if you met someone new..
      my heart will tear and my soul will rip
      I hope im still in your heart as you stayed in mine since the day we met.

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