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    Your Emails are short and you never actually go into full detail just a couple sentences and that’s it. You don’t put in the effort like I do when I respond back. Then you go days to weeks to a Month before you respond back and Yes with another short email. Your just torturing me

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    Hello lins team! Thank you for always being there for us! I think it’s accurate to say that all readers, writers and repliers hold you very high and very dear. Please, could you shed some light on how to access and read old comments, the replies that predat what’s printed on the main page? With

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    I was told I gave off a big sister vibe, as I brushed men’s hands away from my sister’s passing through crowds of drunken 21 yr old “kids” and raised a suspicious brow to any man gawking in my direction, literally telling a young man to keep his hand’s to himself like he was a

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