• Teacher’s Pet

    by  • June 13, 2018 • Betrayal • 0 Comments

    I don’t know if it was you that made all those creepy arse calls, but if it was I’m not okay with it. At all. Don’t do it. Ever, I can assure you you’ve done enough.

    I got a call from a private number today which I of course didn’t answer thinking it could be the return of the hideous phone calls, and naturally over the course of the day i came to thinking of you and the hurt. I think of you often. Not fondly as I did before, how it stands now is the complete opposite of my coming to you at the snap fingers like I did. I don’t think someone adoring you as I so blindly as I did should ever have made me deserving of such a horror show.

    I fell in love with you. You led me up that path and then used the power you had over my feelings to abuse me! It’s psychopathic.

    What can I do? I’m afraid of you.

    I just wonder how when I showed you my vulnerability both as a student, friend, and romantic prospect coming out of the most traumatic stage of my life how you could attack me for my truth. You took my sharing all that was close to my heart with you – a privilege – as a weakness to be attacked. My having had feelings about you that were good and innocent aren’t just permission for you to be absolutely horrendous. I am so sorry I ever showed you one shred of my heart.

    I went down to your level for a while there. That was another mistake of mine. I won’t ever do so again.

    I’m over you but I’ll never be over that. I suppose the whole point is to leave people with a lasting impression? Leave me with a lasting impression?

    And that you did, thanks teach! What a joke. Fuck you.

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