• Dear J.

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    I’ve loved you the first time you sent me a picture of your hand. I loved you the first time you said hi to me at that place. I knew I would always love you. I have never loved anyone else. I used to think I was supposed to be alone forever, but I never thought that when I was talking to you. I want to kiss you, hold you, be with you forever. You are my sun while I am the moon. You are the light in a dark place. You are my heart. Forgive me, I don’t know how to express my love properly on paper even though I have written many love poems. Forgive me, for I do not know exactly how to express what is truly in my heart. I just want to be with you. Best friends forever, it is what I want, forever and ever. I love everything about you. I do not care what happened in your past, but if you need to talk, I will be there. I will hold your hand. I will kiss you tenderly until you feel better and then do it all again tomorrow. I will be with you, my love. I have always been with you, waiting, hoping you would talk to me again on facebook, asking for my phone number, picking our date out. Maybe our first date can be at a carnival. Maybe our first kiss can be at the ocean. I saw the ocean, J. I saw it for the first time even though I no longer talk to the person I went to go see. I traveled across the country and if I need to do that to see you then we can work it out. We can work out anything. I do not want to be like Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes, even though I write like her. I want our love to last forever. I love your love of computers. I love your humor. Your eyes. Especially your hair. I just want to run my fingers through it and brush my hand across your cheek, my love, and look in your eyes.
    I love you. I loved how you would talk about your first job, it was so sexy. Then you graduated from college and I was oh so proud. My love for you will never fail, never falter, until the day I die-and even after death.

    Will you marry me?


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